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Get Valentine's Day Right With Nisbets

3:31 pm

Of all the occasions in the catering calendar, few guarantee bookings in restaurants quite like this one. That's right, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This Friday, bars, restaurants and hotels will be full of loved-up couples looking for the perfect romantic meal for two, and for the hospitality industry, this is undoubtedly one of the most important nights of the year.

Thousands of people will be making reservations for that special night, and if you’ve taken bookings, this is the perfect time to try and win some repeat custom. If your customers enjoy Valentine’s Day at your restaurant, you can bet they’ll be back time and time again. Get it wrong, however, and it could spell disaster.

For that reason, it’s essential to get the basics right. You can serve the finest dishes on the planet, but if your establishment looks and feels untidy and dishevelled, people are going to be put off in a big way.

Start with the tablecloths. Our selection of table linen offers something for all types of restaurant, with damask ivy leaf, Jersey stretch and plain polyester to choose from, among plenty of others.

Second, nothing says Valentine’s Day like candles. Whether you’re looking for tapered wax candles or rechargeable tealights, we have something to help you set the mood for customers’ romantic evening.

Another factor guaranteed to make or break your Valentine’s Day celebrations is the crockery. Present your dishes on new and coordinating crockery, and your customers will be far more likely to make a return visit.

The same goes for your champagne flutes. Your customers are likely to buy more champagne on Valentine’s Day than on any other night of the year, so make sure you’re fully stocked on tasteful glasses. Some new ice buckets will also lend that graceful touch. Alternatively, with our ice sculpture swan mould, you could make a really discerning statement.

Finally, no Valentine’s Day would be complete without flowers. If you’re buying fresh flowers on the day, and need a vase to bring out the best in them, we’ve got a wide selection of tasteful, elegant vases to help complete the look of your dining area. As an added benefit, a lot of our vases are designed to match our crockery, and give your restaurant a beautiful finishing touch.

Valentine's Day could mean make or break for your business. Make sure you get it right, with Nisbets.


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