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APS Global Bowls, Dishes and Trays - Our Hidden Gem

12:28 pm

Our ‘hidden gem’ for this month is the APS Global range of melamine trays, bowls and dishes which are distinctive enough within the APS range to offer something different for your establishment. We feel they deserve to be highlighted as they feature striking curved edges which are different to the standard square melamine bowls and have the added benefit of being stackable for storage, just what any restaurant, cafe and hotel needs when space is limited.

All these pieces can be used in counter wells or just as standalones depending on whether you want to use them for buffets, salad counters, events or just your general crockery. The APS Global dishes help to create an elegant buffet featuring a curved design with ripples and a notching edge for clean ladling and pouring. Similarly the white melamine Global bowls which are deeper provide the perfect setting for soups and showcasing other foods. For an eye catching food presentation of appetisers and canapés the Global square shaped trays feature many curvy waves creating an attractive statement piece for displaying your food.

Not only does APS Global feature all of the above, but it has the added benefit of being made from melamine. Melamine is a very durable thermosetting plastic which is almost unbreakable, resists scratches and chips, as well as mimicks the appearance of porcelain. These are very attractive features for crockery pieces to have especially in busy catering establishments where they are prone to knocks and drops, not to mention they are much lighter and generally cheaper.

APS was established in 1933 and is an adventurous and innovative company specialising in food service and catering products. Julia Tarr, our Front of House buyer states:  

The Global range from APS is a perfect example of a shift in perception of melamine buffet and tableware products in recent years.  The increasing availability of more style-centric items makes melamine a real alternative to traditional porcelain products. The Global range offers the durability,  functionality and multipurpose appeal of melamine, combined with an uncompromisingly striking design enabling it to compete with modern porcelain display products at a fraction of the cost’.

By Charlotte Le Lohé


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