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Quirky Ways of Serving Food

8:59 am

Nowadays, it seems quite mundane having food served to you on a normal round plate. Lots of gastro pubs and up market restaurants tend to serve many dishes on wooden or slate boards, especially steaks and burgers, with side orders in quirky little bowls. This seems to be the trendy thing to do, and it’s certainly catching on.

There are lots of other interesting and unique ways of serving your food to customers. To make starters and side orders stand out from the crowd, our wired presentation baskets are a great option, they look like mini baskets you use for frying chips and scampi which adds quite a nice finishing touch.

Buffet presentation is another way of displaying food in an appetizing and appealing way. Our innovative Frames buffet system enables you to mix and match pieces in an entirely adaptable way to suit space requirements. It is modular, functional and stylish, as well as being easy to use. The base forms the core which is versatile and can be used in numerous different ways, such as a cool plate, stainless steel presentation platter, a bed for crushed ice, cutting board or bowl holder depending on which accessories you choose to add to the bases. As well as the core pieces, the range can be extended with bowl stands, baskets, covers and lids to create your very own unique and personal buffet presentation system.

If you want a striking canap√© or hors d’oeuvre display, serve them on stainless steel tapas style spoons which attach to a four sided pyramid or single sided triangular set. These are ideal for various functions as they are convenient ways of serving up appetizers without the mess.

There are many alternative ways you can stand out from the crowd with how you serve and display your food.

By Charlotte Le Lohé


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