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Importance of Ecover Cleaning Products

10:07 am

When it comes to cleaning, cleaning with care matters, regardless of whether it’s in your home or in a communal establishment. Good hygiene is always of upmost importance wherever you go, be it your bathroom at home or a restaurant floor. Made from natural, sustainable plant-based ingredients, the Ecover range is fully biodegradable and has less impact on aquatic life. All these products also offer Ecover consumers superior cleaning power without leaving behind harmful toxins. This brand is constantly working to ensure they leave fewer unwanted residues, which means they are a better and more proficient cleaning

Through doing some independent research, commissioned by Nisbets, the importance of environmentally friendly products has been highlighted. These figures show that 60% of caterers now buy more eco-friendly cleaning products than what they used to 5 years ago, with the majority of these believing that they worked just as well as traditional variants.

Cleaning can sometimes be a difficult task, but knowing that you are using products from a reliable and well known brand can make all the difference. Now that looking after the environment is more of an important issue, the statistics above show us that more consumers are buying these environmentally friendly products. This is because more people are becoming  aware that being eco friendly is hugely important and has become a necessity to help our surroundings be less harmful, not just for our sake, but for our wildlife too. Hopefully this awareness will continue to rise.

Nisbets have now launched a new Ecover range of cleaning products. Ecover is the largest selling ecological brand in the UK and offers a high level of cleaning along with a value for money approach.

By Charlotte Le Lohé


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