Product Spotlight: Chocolate Fountains

8:27 am

Here at Nisbets we have quite a selection of chocolate-themed products, from hot chocolate machines and chocolate funnels, to chocolate chips and chocolate dipping forks! We even have chocolate-colour stripy ties and dress shirts!

Bu the most exciting chocolate thing we have…is chocolate fountains! Our fountains come in a variety of sizes to suit all applications and events. Our smallest size is suitable for 20-40 people and has a short heat up time of just 5 minutes. It has two silver tiers and operates on a minimum of 2kgs of chocolate.

Our next size up can cater for 40-100 people, and has three silver tiers. It operates with a minimum of 3kgs of chocolate but can hold 6kgs in total meaning you won’t run out! It also has a built in safety cut-out button which will prevent the fountain reaching a specified temperature and overheating. 

Our largest fountain has a whopping four tiers and is ideal for restaurants and event caterers. It can serve between 80-600 people and holds between 8 and 15 kg of chocolate for long lasting food service without refills.

But, our crowning glory is the stainless steel cascading fountain which produces an attractive and eyecatching waterfall effect. It can accommodate up to 80 people so is ideal for parties, and comes with a full instruction manual and easy to operate controls.  


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