PK101: Trays

9:38 am

In this weeks Product Knowledge we are learning all about trays and the types of trays we sell here at Nisbets. We do not have the space to tell you about every type of tray we sell here but we have chosen some of our product categories to talk about.

Anti-slip Trays: We stock anti-slip trays in a variety of shapes and sizes, including plastic and fiberglass models, to ones with optional folding stands. We also stock highly polished antislip trays – ideal for cocktail bars and nightclubs with table service.

Fast Food Trays: Our range of fast food trays come in a variety of different colours including black, grey, blue, green and red. They are easy to clean and have a textured surface to reduce slipping.

Food Compartment Trays: These trays come with multiple compartments to assist with portion control and are ideal for schools, hospitals and carehomes. They are also stackable to save space.

Serving Trays: Our serving trays selection comes in a variety of shapes including square, rectangular and round. They are silver and highly attractive.


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