Product Comparison: Buffalo Countertop Electric Griddle

10:47 am

This week we are comparing three of our Buffalo Countertop Electric Griddles. For product info on each please follow the links, otherwise read on for a comparison!

What’s similar?

-         Pilot light indicators
-         Removable drip trays
-         External stainless steel finish
-         Plug fitted
-         1 Year commercial warranty
-         Heavy duty commercial grade elements

What’s not?

There are a number of points to make regarding the differences between these products and it is important to take these into consideration when assessing which will be the best for your needs. For example, the cooking area varies:

1.8kW model – 385 x 280mm
2.2kW model – 500 x 310mm
2.8kW model – 380 x 385mm

The plates also differ, with the 1.8 and 2.8kW models having cast iron plates and the 2.2kW model having a plate made of mild steel.

Finally, and obviously, the power is different on the models:

1.8kW model, 220-240v, 8 amp, single phase.
2.2kW model, 220-240v, 9.6 amp, single phase.
2.8kW model, 220-240v, 12.2 amp, single phase.

The choice is yours!


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