The New EU Cookie Directive

9:08 am

The new E-Privacy Directive asks businesses to make their online customers aware of cookie usage so that they may opt out if they wish. It is important to recognize that cookies are not computer programs and they cannot spread viruses. Cookies are small text files which are placed on your computer when you visit a website.

Nisbets use first party cookies to enable you to; login to your Nisbets account, remember the contents of your basket while you shop and remember your details when going through the checkout. We also use them to track visitor numbers, paths and sales anonymously to ensure we can supply a fast and efficient service. Nisbets use third party cookies to; track sales coming via external sites and to track video views. We do not use third party cookies to provide advertising.

Nisbets recommends that you accept cookies from our site, as you will not be able to use our online shopping service without them. However, if you do wish to disable cookies this can be done via your browser settings. To find out more visit

Read more on our Cookie Policy.


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