What’s Made Where You Live?

8:49 am

We’ve been looking into our wonderful local area and appreciating some of the fine food and drinks that are made in our counties of Bristol/Somerset, as that is where the Nisbets HQ is based (in Avonmouth). Here’s what we’ve found:

Glastonbury Ales: With inviting and local-themed names such as Mystery Tor and Golden Chalice, Glastonbury Ales are on a crusade to make real beer available to all.

Rich's Farmhouse Cider: Being produced in Watchfield for over 50 years, Riches Farmhouse Cider is still produced in the traditional way.

Yeo Valley: Yoghurt making behemoth Yeo Valley have been producing award-winning dairy products out of Somerset since 1961.

What’s made where you live?


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