Product Knowledge 101: Food Labels

9:41 am

This issue of Product Knowledge 101 is going to cover the sometimes confusing world of food labeling and how you can best approach this in your commercial kitchen. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, bar, café or takeaway food labeling is of the utmost importance to ensure food safety and hygiene standards are kept to at all times.

Colour Coded Food Labels: FDA approved, colour coded food labels for each day of the week with blank space to write your own notes.

Day of the Week Labels: These labels are also colour coded but offer more detail in what you can fill in –item, name, quantity, use by and date.

Dissolvable Food Rotation Labels: These are hygienic and 100% biodegradable labels which dissolve when they are immersed in water of any temperature. They are also compliant with FDA standards.

Other Labels: We also stock a range of miscellaneous labels such as ‘use first’ ‘use by’ ‘produced on’ and ‘food sample’ labels with space for dates to be written. Also stocked are ‘vegetarian’ and ‘contains nuts’ labels – we are sure you agree these are highly useful. These can all be found in our general Labeling section.

Label Dispensers: All of our label dispensers are made from stainless steel and will accommodate rolls of up to 1000 stickers.

Last time: Table Linen.  Next time: Cleaning Chemicals.


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