Nisbets Environmental Results 2011

11:32 am

                                             We are pleased to announce that out of the 1029 tonnes of waste that Nisbets produced throughout 2011, we have recycled 942 tonnes. We hope you'll agree this is a significant amount, over 90%! Our average monthly recycling rate was 92%, and the average commercial recycling rate in the UK is just 52.1%.

  • We sent 384 tonnes of cardboard and paper for recycling.
  • We saved 1,929,000 KwH of energy (enough to supply over 174k houses).
  • We saved 115,200,000 litres of water and almost 8000 trees, which is enough to produce almost 2 million toilet rolls or 127k reams of copier paper!
Each year in Britain we throw away 28 million tonnes of rubbish from our homes, and over 80% of this could be recycled. 


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