World Class German Knives from Dick, now available from Nisbets!

10:51 am

Searching for the finest chef knives in their class? Then look no further.

Now available from Nisbets Next Day Catering, is this comprehensive range of knives from German supplier Dick. With over 230 years experience, Dick have been producing chefs knives and tools since 1778, offering the most innovative products of the highest quality.

With investment in advanced scientific methods and testing. Dick produces a wide range of high precision chef knives, sharpening steels, knife cases and chef utensils.

Nisbets now stock four of their leading ranges;

The Premier range of knives are essential for any busy kitchen and come complete with easy to grip attractive plastic handles in mother-of-pearl optic and the blades have a hygienic non-stick coating, crafted with ceramic particles to make slicing effortless.

The Premier Plus range are crafted from Chromium strengthened steel blades for ultimate protection against corrosion, designed to ensure longevity to edge retention, resistance to wear and tear and maximization of blade sharpness. Complete with riveted handles, these knives are perfectly balanced and ergonomically shaped for optimum comfort. Also available from the Premier range are colour coded versions in Red, Green, Yellow and Blue to ensure optimum food hygiene to help prevent cross contamination.

The 1905 range has symmetrical steel rings that are inseparably connected to the moulded handle, making the knife one of the strongest on today's market. The blade is made from the best quality German stainless steel with a hardness of over 60HRc offering a unique, dynamic and sharp cutting edge. With their distinctive handles, these are arguably the most attractive knives in the series!

The Pro-Dynamic range offers fantastic value at the premium quality you expect from Dick. This range is sold in an assortment of HACCP compliant colour coded plastic handles, for optimum food hygiene.

Nisbets also stock Dick sharpening steels and knife cases so you can maintain the knives and keep them functioning at their optimal levels.


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