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Increase Your Ice Cream Sales

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It’s natural to notice seasonal fluctuations in business. The healthy eating, clean living boom, the growth of veganism, and a concern for rising obesity levels has made full-fat dairy ice cream a public enemy in some circles. And however much people enjoy ice cream, the fact is fewer people are eating it in winter. So how do you maintain your profit margins?

Opening Hours

Eirlys Cole, owner of Brecon’s Llanfaes Dairy, closes her parlour during January and February, taking advantage of the drop in demand for ice cream to deep clean and have her equipment serviced. This compromise not only saves her potentially wasting her resources, but also makes sure her machinery is in excellent condition for the upcoming surge in springtime business.
Subzero, a parlour based in Williamstown, South Wales, remains open through the winter months because the brand is built on creating a space for the local community to visit. The winter period between Christmas and Easter accounts for approximately 20% of Subzero’s sales to the public and wholesalers.

Unique Flavour

Llanfaes Dairy’s blackboard menu offers 78 flavours. Their 42 pans are filled with ice cream flavours ranging from vanilla to blueberry ripple and pineapple cheesecake.
Offering so many flavours gives you the opportunity to encourage your customers to return for their favourites, but Dave Battman of Subzero says it’s also important not to lose touch with the classic flavours that remain popular.

Branch Out

December is a busy month, but not always on a cone.
Customers might visit less frequently, but you can charge a premium for ice cream in take-home tubs. Ice cream cakes are becoming more popular and a reasonable profit can be made selling warming drinks like coffee and hot chocolate during the winter months.

Food Festivals

Your business may be closed for a season, but it can’t disappear. Stay in the forefront of your customers’ minds by making an appearance at local festivals and fairs. While many foodie events happen during summer, we think Christmas markets and festive events are a great opportunity to remind your regulars just why you’re irreplaceable and how much they’re looking forward to your re-opening.

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