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The Straw Saga Continues - But There Is a Solution

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Love them or hate them, paper straws come with their benefits. Recently, large corporations such as McDonalds decided to ditch plastic straws and replace them with eco-friendly paper alternatives. The paper straws were set to reduce the amount of plastic waste that the UK produces and instead supply customers with a greener, more easily recycled product.

However, we have since learned that not all paper straws are recyclable, and many of them end up in a landfill. This, obviously, give the paper straws a less positive impact upon our environment.

What Should You Do?

Even though, in this example, paper straws are painted as the ‘bad guy’, not all paper-based products come with such disadvantages. Our Fiesta Green paper straws are constructed from high-quality 3-ply paper and are now certified as compostable (under the BS EN 13432 standard).
Certified compostable goods will break-down within a 12-week timespan with little-to-no negative impact upon the planet.

Opened box of eco-friendly paper straws from Nisbets One Step Further

Paper straws are only the tip of the iceberg. Many commonly-used products still come with negative impacts upon our planet. Going green with a variety of eco-friendly disposables is an ideal way to save our planet and increase your company’s reputation. In our range, you’ll find everything from compostable coffee cups to biodegradable plates.

By Jackson Blackmore


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