Thinking About Buying a Mixer?

3:01 pm

If you're starting a new business or adding new items to your menu, the chances are you could benefit from using a professional mixer. You've got a rough idea what you need, but where do you start?

How Many Mixers?

At the last count, there were around 50 different mixers available on the Nisbets website. That's a lot of choice - from small handheld mixers, all the way up to the largest industrial mixers designed for the busiest kitchens.

Thankfully, we've produced a handy professional mixer buying guide to help you out. More details can be found on the guide, but here's a few helpful steps.

1. What are you mixing? Identify the type of mixer you need. If you only need to mix up pizza dough, an industrial spiral mixer is a good choice, whereas more all-round mixing would benefit from the versatility of a planetary mixer.

2. How much are you mixing? Once you've identified the type, check out the mixer capacities - do you just need a small space-saving version, or do you need something to mix a whole day's ingredients in one go?

3. What features do you need? Many mixers have some great features, such as programmable controls or handy attachment hubs. The mixer buying guide goes into much more detail about typical features.

With so many different options and combinations available, there's a mixer suitable for most businesses - all available with free UK delivery, professional warranties and a great price from Nisbets. Check out the full range of commercial mixers today.


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