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Top 10 Food Days You Should Be Celebrating

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Five white plates with different meals
Every day of the year is associated with a certain food of some kind – that’s 365 days of food-focused fun. And, they all represent the chance for you to draw customers in and capitalise on the occasion.

Check out our list of top 10 food days that you can include in your calendar throughout the year.

Margarita glass and drink with slice of lime

International Margarita Day (February 22nd)

Tacos and nachos have long been a go-to order for many Brits. But more and more restaurants are setting up in the UK offering authentic Mexican dishes. And no Mexican dish is complete without a margarita. February 22nd marks International Margarita Day, making it the perfect opportunity to offer the ideal Mexican combo. From a free side of nachos when you buy 4 margaritas or half price margaritas on the day, the opportunities to fill your restaurant or bar are almost endless. And don’t forget to top up your shelves with margarita glasses.

Shrove Tuesday (March 5th)

White plate with classic pancakes, eggs in a bowl and sugar in sieve

This famous day is traditionally used to signal spring cleaning before Easter Sunday, but most people just use it as an excuse to eat pancakes and crêpes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether you want to dedicate an epic breakfast menu just to pancakes from around the world, such as American and Dutch or offer crêpes all day - this is the perfect opportunity to draw customers in with a low cost-high margin dish. Why not give your customers the choice to customise their own pancakes and create the perfect crêpe, or offer a grab and go service to accommodate for the growing on-the-go trend.

National Tea Day (April 21st)

Glass mug with tea brewing

Any excuse for a cuppa, Britain’s favourite drink has been ingrained into society for centuries, and shows no sign of leaving. With 165 million cups of tea consumed daily by Brits last year - that’s 60.2 billion per year - you should probably top up your tea cup collection now. Take some old-fashioned inspiration and host a vintage tea party for your customers to immerse themselves in as a great little addition to everyday business. Also, try offering a wide variety of flavours such as the increasingly popular turmeric tea, as well as other medicinal and delicious variations such as ginger, peppermint and cinnamon, along with the classics, to appeal to a larger audience and maybe even encourage them to try a new blend.

World Cocktail Day (May 13th)

Man making three cocktails behind the bar with brandy
Make your cocktail menu front and centre no matter the time of day and join us in the global celebration of the cocktail to mark the publication date of the term in 1806. Since this day the making of a traditional cocktail has transformed significantly and the art of Mixology was born. Teach your staff a new trick or two to wow your customers or extend happy hour for the entire day to boost your sales, as well as everyone’s mood. Whether they’re after a classic beverage or prefer an alcohol-free option, make sure you have a glass to suit every order.

World Baking Day (May 17th)

Man using rolling pin to roll out dough with flour on table

Dig out your rolling pin and start kneading to create something delicious for your customers on this special day, be that brownies or bread, we want you to celebrate the art of baking. World Baking Day is somewhat of a modern tradition, but baking as a craft is nothing new. Why not embrace this contemporary celebration and hand out little tasters of your bakes for your customers to sample. This is guaranteed to tickle their taste buds and maybe even offer a bulk buy deal to encourage a higher spend. We strongly suggest stocking up on your baking supplies for that sudden influx of cake lovers we know you’re going to get.

World Sushi Day (June 18th)

Sushi rolls on white square plate with chop sticks

Not just a pretty package, sushi was originally wrapped in rice purely for preserving purposes, but nowadays the rice can be enjoyed alongside a range of vegetables and different types of fish and meat substitutes to suit anyone’s taste buds. Embrace the delicate art of sushi making, whether you're a fish lover or not, from the popular California roll to the vegan-friendly kappamaki roll; why not offer your customers the chance to make their own sushi and truly immerse themselves in this traditional Southeast Asian delicacy. Equip them with the right tools for the job and browse our selection of specialist knives to give you that culinary edge.

Broken pieces of milk chocolate on white table

World Chocolate Day (July 7th)

Today is the day to really encourage your customers that they actually do have room left for dessert. Offer all chocolate based desserts half price with any main meal and help your customers fill their chocolate quota for the day. It’s estimated that an average of 11kg of chocolate is consumed per person per year, which means in Britain we eat 660,900 tonnes of chocolate a year. But don’t panic, we’ve got a little dessert inspiration to get you started.

International Coffee Day (October 1st)

Six coffee cups with two hands
 We doubt your customers need much persuading when it comes to consuming their ritualistic morning coffee; however a special offer or discount, especially on this day, is always welcome. Reward loyal customers with coupons and special deals or introduce something different to entice new customers, such as a free slice of cake with their coffee. Whether you want to give your customers the complete dining experience or provide a quick cup to take away, make sure your coffee shop supplies are up to the job.

World Porridge Day (October 10th)

White bowl with oats, berries and yoghurt on white wooden table

First held in 2009, we think this modern tradition is here to stay and so should you, so stock up on your bowls and start stirring. This simple breakfast is far from boring and can be made sweet or savoury, plain or exotic, hot or cold, so make sure your breakfast menu caters for all preferences. Also, consider take-away options, as you did with pancake day, and give your customers the choice to have their porridge on the go. You’ll be surprised how much you will boost sales if this service tactic is implemented correctly and with the right eco-friendly disposable bowls you can.

World Vegan Day (November 1st)

Woman holding wire basket full of fruit and vegetables

This annual event is celebrated by vegans and non-vegans all over the world to address the benefits – both for themselves and the planet – of adopting this new lifestyle. The event was established in 1994 by the Chair of The Vegan Society and encourages more people to live a conscious, animal product free life. Check out our eco-friendly catering supplies to help you make greener choices in your day-to-day operation. Also, why not create a special vegan-friendly menu to mark the day, or integrate more vegan options into your regular menu to encourage it all year round.

Which days are you going to celebrate?

If you do decide to join in on the celebrations, we recommend advertising in advance of your chosen days to build customer awareness and try utilizing social media to show potential customers what they’re missing. These 10 world food days are a great place to start your food-fueled festivities!

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