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Your Customers Want You To Get Seriously Eco Friendly

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Blue Planet II highlighted the catastrophic effect our plastic consumption is having on the world. In response, public opinion has shifted towards going green – with big businesses called upon to drive the initiative.

We surveyed 260 of our domestic customers on a range of hospitality topics.

On the subject of eco-friendly supplies, 95% of respondents felt it was "important" for businesses to invest in environmentally friendly packaging and straws that won't harm our planet.

They're also willing to put their money with their mouth is, as 50% said they choose where they dine based on the restaurant's eco-friendly credentials.

Disposable Cups

Over 7 million disposable coffee cups are used every day, which adds up to 2.5 billion a year. Around 15% of customers take their own re-usable coffee cups into coffee houses or cafes, and with the changing tide of public opinion, this number is set to grow. This is an opportunity you can exploit.

The government opted not to include a levy on disposable cups in the latest Budget, but the demand for compostable cups is growing by the day.

Our pulse survey of businesses told us that 58% don't promote their dedication to sustainability. This is a missed opportunity to get some good PR and put yourself in the shop window for the eco-conscious crowd.

Increase your selection of eco products and shout about it!


The Millennial generation has been reported to make up one third of restaurants' revenue.

They're also the generation which prioritises experiences over possessions, is incredibly digitally savvy and has a strong sense of morality over environmental issues.

This means they're the customers most likely to spend more on eco-friendly products and dine at establishments that demonstrate a commitment to saving our planet.

Going green is vital to our Earth's future and can also boost your bottom line.

Fiesta Green is dedicated to helping hospitality businesses in their drive to become eco-friendly. Explore the range today!


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