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Do You Serve Food? Here's Why Your Wine Selection Just Became Even More Important

12:15 pm

Alcohol sales are worth over £24 billion a year across bars, pubs and restaurants and 37% prefer to dine where alcoholic drinks are served. So what does this mean for you? An opportunity to make money, of course.

Our recent Pulse survey of our domestic customers has revealed 88% of the 260 respondents like to order an alcoholic drink with their meal, with just 12% abstaining.

Wine and Dine

In total, 64% of respondents drink wine when they go out to eat. That means you should stock a good selection across different price ranges to tempt in the customer, no matter what their budget may be. Additionally, make sure your collection of wine glasses is fresh and sparkling.

Red wine proved the most popular with respondents (41%), with 25% drinking white.

Displaying a low price and a high price wine on the menu alongside your mains has been proven to encourage higher spend, as people are happy to pay a premium for high quality.

A classic method deployed by pubs is to offer a deal on food with a glass of wine. This is a great way to promote your alcohol offering and as we all know, one drink often becomes two! Especially with something so easy to wash down as a glass of red.

Storing Wine

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Only 4% say they have Champagne, so how can you increase the likelihood of diners choosing the luxury option?

We all know how good it feels to hold a glass of Champagne in your hand. People drink champagne on special occasions and when they feel like treating themselves. As people value the experience of an evening out more, an affordable glass of champagne could be just the ticket to a memorable night.

While a bottle might not be affordable for everyone, even a lower spending customer can be inclined to part with £9 for a glass of a tipple they associate with a high standard of living – even if the portion is smaller.

What about beer?

Beer and lager was the preferred choice of 20% of our domestic customers.

As it can sit heavy in the stomach along with food, craft beer or lighter beers such as Coors Light might encourage those who don’t want to feel overly full to have a drink. The benefit of craft is that it’s seen as a premium product and commands a higher price, boosting your bottom line.

You can offer beer tasting menus to give people smaller portions and therefore easy-on-the-stomach alcoholic drinks to go with their food. People who are less inclined to drink may feel more comfortable sampling a few different beers as it’s a departure from the typical pint-in-hand way of drinking that they might be seeking to avoid.

One thing’s for sure, alcohol remains extremely popular. Whether you’re a restaurant, bar or gastropub, your food offering can lure in drinkers and increase their spending totals. 


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