How to Make a Bulgogi Burger

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The burger has been a staple on the Great British menu for years.  Its popularity never seems to wane. Our fondness for the seasoned mince beef pate sandwiched in a bun or roll seems only to increase with time.

The value of the UK market has grown by around 50% since 2011 and is now estimated to be worth upwards of £3 billion, with some three in five Brits feasting on the tasty treat at least once every three months. 

Yet the market dominance enjoyed by the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King hasn’t deterred restaurateurs of all types from adding the traditional American dish to their menus.

In fact, the listings of burgers on UK menus rocketed by just over 40% in 2015, according to food service firm Creed. But, with so much choice for the consumer, how do you make your burger a show stopper?

Gourmet Burgers 

Premium quality ingredients are important in distinguishing a ‘posh’ offering from one that would be served at a fast-food chain. The components of the gourmet burger are available to all, creating the point of difference is often found in the seasoning and flavours you choose to infuse.

What Flavours are Trending?  

Korean flavours are pretty hot right now and here at Nisbets we are big fans of the bulgogi burger cooked for us recently by our good friend and National Catering Equipment Centre development chef Dean Starling.

The classic burger is made with premium quality minced beef infused with aromatic and flavoursome Korean spices that combine to create the traditional bulgogi flavour.

Dean serves the sweet and salty flavoured patty up with a side of kimchi slaw and a presentation basket of tasty (if slightly indulgent!) halloumi fries. The dish is finished off with a sweet and tangy sriracha sauce.

Click here to find out how to make the bulgogi burger yourself

Why Bulgogi? 

The bulgogi burger takes just 60 minutes to prepare and cook and costs just over £3 per portion, giving you the opportunity of turning a profit of upwards of £5 from every sale. And it tastes delightful!

Learn How to Make It

Because we loved it so much, we persuaded Dean to reveal the secrets of his recipe and to show us how he prepares and makes the dish. In just over three minutes you’ll have everything you need to know to add the rich and authentic flavour of Korea to your menu!


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