Why You Need Game On Your Autumn Menu

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According to a YouGov survey, 79% of British adults think it's important to buy locally sourced produce. September sees the start of the game season - here's how locally sourced meats can be a real game changer for you and your business.

The YouGov survey also found that when it comes to locally sourced food, price is usually the main sticking point, with more than half of respondants likely to be put off if the price is too high. The good news is that during game season, specialities like grouse, goose, partridge and duck are usually sold at much more competitive prices, so it's the best time of year to test out your game-based recipes as specials.

Word of mouth quickly spreads, especially with the unstoppable rise of social media. Offering something different or unique can make all the difference.

So Why Do You Need Game on Your Menu?

1. It's Local

Customers love locally sourced food, especially if you can say exactly where it came from. There's a sense of regional pride and the closer the food is sourced, the better. Locally sourced food does wonders for the local economy and as it doesn't need to be transported far, it's environmentally friendly too. Knowing the provenance of your food doesn't just ensure your customers know it's responsibly sourced - it shows a genuine passion for the quality of your ingredients.

2. It's Organic and Free Range

There's always exceptions to the rule, but in many cases free range wild game is about as organic as you can buy. If discerning customers are paying a premium for a special dish, they expect premium ingredients, so it's definitely worth making it clear on your specials board when the ingredients are organic or free range.

3. It's Healthier

Most game meat is naturally low in cholesterol and high in protein. As such, it's considered a good alternative to lamb, pork or beef for those customers where nutrition is a primary concern. In fact, as wild game animals live a more natural life with a natural diet, the meat is leaner and contains more healthy minerals such as iron and zinc in comparison to farm-reared animals.

4. It's Versatile

Having game on your menu isn't just limited to pan-fried pheasant or venison steaks. You really can offer a wide variety of dishes with game meats. For starters, how about partridge and wild boar tartlets? Or for a main, wild hare pizza, grouse ratatouille or even a venison curry?

Whether you're making a traditional favourite or trying out something new, using delicious game meats can deliver real benefits to your bottom line and improve your reputation. To make dishes from your specials board extra unique, consider serving it on different crockery or eye-catching slate boards.
 Buffalo Sous Vide Machine

Of course, if you haven't cooked game before it's worth researching recipes or even trying out other nearby eateries which already have it on the menu. Remember that game meat is usually very lean, meaning it's much easier to overcook it. Using your Combi Oven is a great option for accurate and consistent results. Alternatively, for the most intense and full flavour, use a Sous Vide Machine for the main cooking and quickly finish off the meat on the grill.

By David Evans

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