Making life easier this autumn with the latest in product innovation

4:28 pm

Changing seasons means changing priorities and with over 1,300 new lines recently introduced to our product list we’ve got all of the latest catering equipment innovations to help your business thrive this autumn.

Those long and lazy revenue-rich balmy evenings may nearly be at an end, but there are plenty of opportunities and events to keep your tills ringing as the nights draw in and winter approaches.

The build-up to Christmas will, of course, take centre stage, but don’t forget other revenue-generating opportunities such as Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night alongside some rather less known dates in the food calendar like National Baking Week and International Chocolate Day.

Alternatively, a busy summer may have simply taken a toll on your existing equipment and you’re looking to restock and refresh in order to keep pace with the latest trends in crockery, kitchen machines, furniture and much more.

There’s no need to look any further! We’ve got everything you need right here!

Turn the Tables

High quality tableware in the shape of plates, cups, bowls, platters, cutlery and more is an important complement to delicious food and drinks, and with over 150 new crockery products to choose from you’re sure to find something to suit any occasion.

Among our favourite new additions, two collections from Olympia stand out like a beacon when it comes to keeping abreast of current trends. The new Olympia Nomi selection (pictured below) is the perfect choice for those looking to tap into the millennials demographic and their preference for small plates and sharing.

Whether you need a Spanish tapas bowl or a Greek mezze plate, you’ll find it among a variety of interesting shapes and sizes in one of three beautiful colourways that will bring warmth to any informal dining experience.

Boasting the same versatility in terms of sizes and shapes, the new Olympia Fusion  (main image) selection also pays homage to the rise of casual dining and the diversity of contemporary menus and tastes.

Mixing the durability of porcelain with the dark and smoky tones of charcoal, Fusion creates a powerful backdrop that accentuates the colours of your beautiful food.

More Colour with Cutlery

To further reinforce a contemporary look to your tables why not add some individuality by introducing some industrial-look cutlery?
Olympia have employed cutting edge Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) technology to create the Etna collection (pictured right), which comprises a memorable selection of stylish matt black forks, knives and spoons that are the perfect complement for ultra-modern Fusion crockery.

Or maybe, you’re keen to tap into the metal of the moment! Olympia’s Cyprium cutlery benefits from warm and rustic copper tones and pairs especially well with the dark colours dominating current crockery trends.

If copper is definitely your thing, we’ve even got a beautiful soup kettle to help you keep those heart-warming winter favourites warmer for longer.  With a stunning copper-coloured finish it is sure to make your food display stand apart from the crowd.

Baking is back!  

With Christmas fast approaching, there can be no better time to stock up on all the bakeware essentials to assist you in your quest to deliver crumbly mince pies and a whole host of other festive treats.

It is with perfect timing, then, we’ve just added almost 100 new baking-specific products from Schneider and De Buyer – two of the leading brands in the field – to help you get your bake on!

If you fancy getting some practice in before Christmas, why not get some products to whip up a masterpiece during National Baking Week, which starts on October 16!

The Future Looks Bright

Cutting-edge innovation is the lifeblood of saleable kitchen machines and appliances. And innovation doesn’t come much more cutting edge than our new Buffalo Induction Fryer (pictured below).

Tapping into the latest advancements in kitchen technology, this 7.5 litre capacity powerhouse is one of the first heavy duty deep fryers powered by induction cooking to be introduced to the UK market.

Ensuring an even heat throughout the oil and added precision and control over temperature, deep fried foods can be cooked to a high standard and with maximum efficiency. With no heating elements to contend with along with a handy drainage tap, the unit is also very easy to clean.    

Further innovation comes in the shape of the, which offers chefs revolutionary control that allows the design of precise cooking programmes with the swipe of a hand. It’s worth a look!

Other notable additions from UNOX include their glass-ceramic plated contact grills, while there is also a selection of steaming (pardon the pun) hot Convotherm Combi Ovens to choose from.

We also recommend you have a look at the Electrolux SpeeDelight High Speed Grills that use a combination of microwave, infrared and powerful cooking plates to produce food that is crispy on the outside and cooked to perfection inside within 60 seconds.

History in the Making 

It’s not all about innovation in the kitchen. We’ve got plenty of new products that will reinvigorate your front of house style and operations, too! Some of the most eye-catching front of house products added to our extensive collection comes from world-renowned furniture manufacturers, Fameg.

With 130 years of experience in the market, there really is history in the making! The latest product selection comprises beautiful chairs and bar stools that have been produced using the traditional Bentwood technique.

Pioneered by revered cabinet maker Michael Thonet in the 19th century, the process uses steam pressure to create elegant curves and contours in beech wood. The end product is an elegant, yet durable, piece of furniture fit to grace any establishment.

For those looking for a more urban and contemporary look, Bolero have introduced some interesting hairpin-legged stools and hairpin-legged side chairs that are certainly worthy of further investigation!

The Best of the Rest

We’ve picked out a few of our favourites but there is so much more to see to see on our dedicated new product lines page. You’ll find the very latest from staff clothing and footwear to specialist products that will transform your cocktail bar into one of the most engaging spectacles in town!

We’ve also got our consignment of 2018 Christmas Crackers available to view. We sold out by November last year so make sure you don’t miss out!


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