Now's The Time to Make Big Profits from Vegan and Vegetarian Food

5:19 pm

A recent study published in February 2016 found that 29% of people have reduced the amount of meat they eat over the course of the previous twelve months. So the question is: are you taking advantage of this with your menu choices?

The study, published by NatCen, also found that a further 15% of those surveyed were also considering reducing the amount of meat they ate. With these numbers of people either cutting out a lot of meat or considering cutting meat out of their diet, now really is the time to include good quality non-meat options on your menu.

And it's not just as simple as people not wanting to eat meat. 58% of people gave the reason of health as influencing their decision to cut down on eating meat. Therefore, it's important to think carefully and put truly appetising and healthy meals on your menu, that even people who are normally happy to eat meat would be tempted into choosing.

Profiting from Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Providing choice for your customers is not the only reason why this is a good idea for your menu. Vegan and vegetarian alternatives can also be a lot more profitable. It goes without saying that sourcing many of the ingredients for vegan and vegetarian food is going to be a lot cheaper than sourcing a lot of your finest meat. There's also plenty of awareness days throughout the year that you can latch onto and promote your menu.

For a complete guide, read our industry writer Jackie Mitchell's article:
how to profit from vegan and vegetarian menus.

Cutting Out Cross Contamination

For any kitchen, adding more vegan and vegetarian food means you'll have to take steps to make sure you prevent any contamination from meat. Colour coding your kitchen is one of the best ways to do this. With Hygiplas, you can make food hygiene easy with colour coded knives, chopping boards and thermometers.


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