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Merchandising with Polar Display Refrigeration

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Now with summer in full swing days out, trips, holidays and festivals throughout the country are at their peak. With the growing number of visitors comes an opportunity to capitalise on customer needs for quick and convenient food purchases, especially of fresh and pre-packaged meals as well as canned and bottled drinks. For advice on the best way to present your stock and the value of counter display equipment we spoke to Polar brand manager Steven Harris for his advice on display refrigeration and how best to profit from the customer trade.

Things to Consider

When asked what the key things to consider were when selecting a new display fridge for your business, Steve remarked “an attractive display which catches the eye is essential to increase impulse purchases.  As well as having the right look, front of house  counters and food display units should maintain both food and drink at the optimum storage temperature, whilst still allowing easy access for members of staff or customers.” Steve’s comment on efficiency and maintaining stock cannot be emphasised enough, there’s no good in attracting a customer and then disappointing them with a warm juice or sandwich. To prevent any chance of lost sales Steve advises that “counters and display equipment should be cleaned inside and outside regularly to keep it working at its optimum level.

The mid-year months are prime time for food outlets to sell their best stock, and the best way to do so is through an eye-catching display. With customers often short on time and looking for quick grab and go options it’s more important than ever for outlets to ensure they select the best range of food display units available to attract customers, and ultimately  increase sales.

The Right Display for Your Business

The size of your business, its location and the type of food you offer all hold great bearing over the type of display chiller you want to use: “for front of house refrigeration the (Polar) range includes everything from Countertop Chilled Display Cabinets and Refrigerated Merchandisers through to Floor-standing Display Fridges and Multideck Cabinets, so there is an option to suit all requirements.

Finding the best display unit – one that can effectively merchandise your stock whilst running efficiently and at an economic rate – is the hardest thing when considering a new purchase and is pivotal to increasing those impulse purchases and maximising profits.

Polar Chilled Food Display 100Ltr (CC611)

Polar Chilled Food Display
The display unit offers an elegant solution for displaying fresh items such as cakes, pastries and sandwiches, and comes complete with a curved front to help maximise merchandising potential and encourage impulse purchases. The attractive black frame of the unit will fit most styles of establishment and boasts a 100 litre capacity, so operators can be confident that the Polar Chilled Food Display will keep menu choices fresh throughout the day.

We are reminded that as well as visual appeal, functionality and performance are equally applicable when operating with such machines.

The adjustable shelves give operators greater flexibility to display their merchandise and the sliding doors allow for quick and easy access to and replenishment of items; which is essential particularly during busy periods. With digital controls that allow for easy set up and precise use, the unit also includes a manual defrost function that makes cleaning and maintenance even easier.

Polar Multideck Display Fridge 220Ltr (CD239)

Polar Multideck DisplayWith a stylish, open front, the Polar Multideck Display Fridge is perfect for customers looking to make quick grab and go purchases whilst also allowing for easy replenishing of products throughout the day, helping to save time during busy periods. The attractive tall glass-sided display fridge also features LED lighting to ensure food is viewed in the most appealing way to customers.

As a slimmer model Steve explains the practical aspects of this machine and how they can be key to getting the best out of your investment “with three shelves, as well as space for chilled goods on the lower floor; the Polar Multideck Display Fridge boasts a high storage capacity whilst only taking up a small amount of floor space; making it ideal for those with less front of house space. An additional feature is the  integral pull-down blind which means that the unit doesn’t need to use as much energy when not in use (overnight for example).

For a comprehensive look at the wide selection of chilled display units available, see Polar’s whole range offered at Nisbets complete with demonstration videos to display their many benefits.


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