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The Advantages of Microwaves for Business and Industry Caterers

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Commercial microwaves can be a god-send for business and industry caterers with most machines commonly used for saving time reheating previously prepared meals. This is great for regenerating both single and multi-portions without keeping customers waiting, but it's important to remember that there are many meals that can actually be cooked completely in a microwave. Any recipe that requires poaching, steaming or braising can be carried out in a microwave making them an extremely versatile piece of equipment.

Commercial microwaves are fast, efficient and do not produce large quantities of steam, heat or odours, meaning they require little extraction or ventilation. Energy efficient, they are ideal for saving both time and money; making them perfect for use within a busy environment. Given their modest dimensions they are space saving too - great for kitchens with a small footprint. Some models can even be stacked, doubling your potential output.

Vegetables steamed in the microwave will retain more of their nutrients than with conventional boiling methods, so steaming vegetables this way is not only healthier for your customers but also frees up the hotplate - saving even more time.

With a choice of manual and touch control models, operating microwaves is simple and easy - with many units able to be pre-programmed so you can start the cooking process with just a single button.
Buffalo Commercial Microwave
Buffalo Programmable Commercial Microwave Oven (GK642)

This robust, stainless steel construction microwave is built to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen - yet is compact enough even for those with limited space. Performing light duty reheating tasks, it boasts an impressive 20 pre-programmed settings and four power levels, with a timer range of 40 minutes.

The large, clear viewing window makes it easy to keep an eye on what's being microwaves, whilst the simple control panel makes the unit easy to use.

Samsung Commercial MicrowaveSamsung CM1529XEU Commercial Microwave Oven (DN587)

Designed for constant, heavy duty use in professional kitchen environments, this commercial microwave from Samsung is ideal for steaming, reheating and poaching large quantities of food. With a huge 1.5kW of cooking power, five power levels and 30 pre-programmed settings, the Samsung is a hugely versatile microwave.

For more examples of outstanding commercial models browse our full microwave selection and for further comprehensive advice, see our Commercial Microwave Buying Guide.

By Heather Beattie


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