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Choosing the best outdoor furniture for your venue

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Stylish Pavement Tables and Chairs
Dining outdoors is a experience that we all look forward to whenever the weather permits, but especially for business owners as it consistently yields increased takings and presents an opportunity for fresh menu ideas, including simple yet highly profitable foods such as barbecued meats and summer salads. Well constructed outdoor furniture brings huge financial benefits but also helps to create a warm, buzzing atmosphere for your guests to soak up, ensuring they'll come again soon. 

Asides from the extra covers and a platform for solid customer recommendations, what makes the best furniture for outdoor use and why is it so important to cater for these areas?

Coffee in the awning 

High quality commercial gazebos provide a solid chance to extract extra income at festivals, food markets and even in your garden areas if you have the space. Premium shelter from all sides means you can continue serving customers in the dry and provides a welcome break for your guests if the heavens suddenly decide to open. The concertina design makes them quick to build, and a strong aluminium frame keeps them rooted under pressure and reliable in all conditions. 

Bare necessities

Being comfortable outside simply isn't possible without parasols made of industrial thickness and a seating arrangement which works well both for you and your customers. 

Allow your guests some refreshing shade, let them enjoy the fresh air whilst sheltered from UV rays. Not only will quality commercial parasols protect all year round from adverse weather, they'll add a splash of colour to your outdoor areas and can be seen from a distance.

Gather around

For those chilly evenings and inevitably colder months of the year, patio heaters are an essential purchase in order to keep your seats filled all year round.
The Tahiti Flame patio heater takes up minimal space and features a dancing flame which not only boasts a heat output of 13kW but also a strong visual impact for customers with a little artistic flare which looks especially striking as the evening draws in.

Folding furniture

One of the many benefits of folding furniture is the easy storage, which is why they receive such high praise from party planners and mobile caterers. If your space is limited inside or out, stacking and folding tables, chairs and benches are a must have if you want to keep up with the high footfall and provide enough seating for those large scale events on the calendar.   

Pair your high density tables with matching folding benches to create a mobile table setting anywhere, with a space-saving design and ergonomic carry handle for easy transportation.

Built to last..

Flip top ash tables are also a great way to provide extra dining space outside, as they come pre-treated for outstanding weather resistance and with a folding top, so they can be flipped and nested together for efficient storage.

Stylish, rust-resistant and easy to transport these tables are ideal for pavement caf├ęs, terraces, patio areas and bistros. You'll be surprised how well they fit into smaller areas of your establishment which may have previously been used for decoration. Make the most of your space and rest assured that the eye-catching ash top finish will stand up to the forces of nature.

Make families welcome

Encourage larger groups and families to dine outdoors with picnic benches in authentic natural timber, available from four to eight seat versions and including a brightly coloured kids table which is bound to attract your little guests as soon as they arrive. 
Make your venue the first choice for families looking to eat out, and create a memorable experience to ensure they return.

Smart bins

Whilst you prepare for the holiday season and a rush of new visitors, an effective and reliable way to keep your bins pest-free is with a practical bin store. Not only can they instantly smarten up any refuse area but leave nothing behind for pests and help to keep your fly count to a minimum, which your guests will thank you for.

These elegant wooden structures not only look attractive but also protect your wheelie bins from weathering and warping in the sunlight.

Browse our extensive range of garden and outdoor furniture at Nisbets to make your venue stand out against the rest. 

By Jeff Gibson


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