7 Ultimate Chef Fails

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Despite what measures you take to make the kitchen safe for everyone, there's always the chance of something, somewhere, going wrong. We recently conducted a poll on our Facebook page to find out the most embarrassing moments you had experienced and there are some real 'ouch' moments....

1. Use a kitchen clock...

"I used to work with a guy who wore a plastic Casio watch. I put him on the fryers. An hour in, the plastic melted and his watch fell into the fryer and his instincts kicked in - he automatically put his hand straight into the oil to grab his watch!  Don't forget people, health and safety exists because common sense doesn't!"
- Yan Joseph Curran Liktor

2. Don't rush it...

"I was draining a fryer into a plastic bucket whilst the oil was still hot.  I picked up the bucket which sure enough emptied itself onto my apron and down my trousers. I quickly had to strip.  If that wasn't bad enough, the waitress walked in at precisely the wrong time and hit my head with the door, knocking me out.  There I was, laid out on the kitchen floor, all oily with my kecks off. I haven't gone a day without hearing about it since!"
- Mark Wilkinson

3. Don't cut corners...

"An old head chef once tried to heat oil for Yorkshire Puddings in a pizza oven.  Need I say any more?"
- Sam Kirk

4. Label everything...

"My chef mistook sticky toffee sauce for gravy and yes, it got served! The customer occasionally visits my pub and we still have a good laugh about it - never to be forgotten."
- Sarah Roberts

5. Use wet floor signs...

"When we were at college, my friend slipped on a freshly mopped floor whilst carrying custard and ended up looking like Laa-Laa from the Teletubbies!"
- Ben 'Jammin' Reynolds

6. If you want something doing properly...

"I remember when my head chef told me to pass the stock in the sink, back when I was a pot wash about 10 years ago.  He didn't look too happy when I gave him the empty pot of just bones - and the stock was down the sink"
- Nathan Worthington

7. Remember to check the taps...

"When I was a commis, I often got told to change the fryer oil. I wondered why it wasn't filling up as I poured in the fresh stuff, needless to say I hadn't closed the tap and it was draining all over the floor. I was there for a while cleaning up!!"
- Simon Gould

There you have it. You chefs certainly know how to be clumsy in the kitchen from time to time! Did we miss yours off? Have you got an even bigger fail to share? Tell us about it in the comments or hit us up on Facebook.

By David Evans


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