Can You Use Domestic Equipment in the Commercial Kitchen?

12:13 pm

Why Domestic Equipment may not suit the Commercial Kitchen

When buying fresh equipment for your own commercial kitchen, it is easy to see the appeal of purchasing domestic equipment. Compared to their commercial counterparts, domestic equipment is often much cheaper, however, whilst this points towards a great short term investment, there are many good reasons as to why purchasing domestic goods does not bode well for the efficiency and reliability of a professional kitchen.

Buying domestic goods for full-time business use is still a frequent occurrence, especially in smaller catering businesses and cafes. For the benefit of commercial business owners, we at Nisbets have created a comprehensive guide outlining some of the main reasons why you should not purchase domestic goods for a professional business.

Whilst this article is meant as a simple guide in directing your purchase, our main advice is that the key to the correct choice is in the details, both technically and practically. Forward planning the layout and design of your kitchen will give you a greater advantage than going for impulse buys, so be sure to check if there will be any difficulties in providing installation, maintenance, insurance and ventilation for your kitchen. For the more ambitious individual, the space for extensions and further equipment in the future is another viable consideration.

The modern culinary world grows more competitive with each year, and choosing the right equipment that caters to your menu and customers can be one of the most pivotal choices in running a professional business. So be sure to observe, plan and choose wisely when the time comes for you to invest in new equipment.

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