Breakfast Week 2016: Are You Making the Most of your Breakfast Menu?

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breakfast week 2016

Don’t underestimate the power of a good breakfast menu in your business. Breakfast Week starts 24th January, and it’s the perfect time to get involved and make the most of this lucrative meal. Most of us agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s estimated that one in three of us eat breakfast out once a week - so open those doors early to maximise profits. Here are our tips to get you started.

Choosing the right dishes for your breakfast menu
The great British fry-up is still a firm favourite and you can tweak this dish to suit your business. Offer options to choose from, such as a big fry-up with all the trimmings, a healthier smaller option and a vegetarian option, or even a build-your-own breakfast type menu with a variety of ingredients to pick from. You can develop your own recipes with low-fat ingredients: gourmet sausages will elevate your dish, and are made easy with the Buffalo Sausage Stuffer. The fried egg is Britain’s most beloved way of cooking eggs, but it’s best to offer scrambled and poached options too.

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Add some smaller options to your menu, not everyone enjoys a big cooked breakfast. Classics such as toast, granola and yoghurt, or fruit salads will keep the health conscious happy and are quick and easy for chefs to prepare. Also, profit margins for these tend to be high. Keep an eye on food trends, for example, avocado is a current breakfast favourite, so incorporate this into your menu.

Try to stick to the style of cooking your business does best - don’t venture off in too many directions. Your customers will be expecting your breakfast menu to reflect your usual techniques, i.e. if you’re a grill house, don’t feel compelled to serve up lots of raw ‘super food’ style dishes.

Think local. Customers like to know where their food is from and that it was ethically produced. Fresh, local food is a huge selling point, including meat, dairy, bakery items and veg. Customers are willing to pay more for foods labelled ‘organic’ or ‘free-range’.

Don’t underestimate your drinks menu
This is where you can increase the average spend per head, which is currently around £7.30 for breakfast. In a nation of tea drinkers, this is an essential part of breakfast. Get good quality tea bags or loose leaf tea, and provide attractive teapots for multiple people as an added touch.

The UK coffee industry is booming. Quality coffee is a must-have at the moment, and you’ll need a quality espresso machine to compete with the abundance of coffee shops on the high street. The benefit of coffee is that it can be served all day and encourages customers to come inside, even outside of normal busy periods.

Smoothies and juices are another great way to increase the average spend. This can encourage business, even from customers not looking to eat. You can add a little extra charm by serving them in exciting new ways, such as milk bottles and handled jam jars.

Cater for people on the move
Consider the option to offer food to go if this is right for your business. For coffee shops, offering takeaway items is essential if you expect to keep up with competitors, and will vastly increase your footfall and revenue. Items like sandwiches, pots of Granola or porridge, and a range of coffee and tea to take away will result in daily customers who work in the local area. One in seven people eat breakfast out every single day, so tap into this market this Breakfast Week, and reap the rewards. Take a look at our range of takeaway disposables to make the most of this market.

There’s even the potential to deliver larger breakfast orders to local offices to encourage regular business. People are on a tight schedule in the mornings, and you may find you have a rise in single diners stopping off en route to work. Once you’ve got yourself a loyal following of breakfast customers, your early mornings will be worth it in no time.

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Marketing your breakfast menu
Have you done market research in your area? Make sure you know what your customers want. If your customers are young, are they looking for a bang-on-trend breakfast menu? Or, are your customers the more traditional type? Find out.

According to research, the main reason people in the UK eat out for breakfast is a weekend family treat. In this case it would make sense to have a menu for all ages, making sure there’s something for the kids. But maybe in your area it’s students eating out for breakfast, in which case a good value, trendy menu may be more appropriate. If your menu includes a fry-up, check the regional preferences for this. There’s a hot debate about what makes the perfect fry-up!

Social media is your best friend. People love to share their photos of food, and so should you! Entice your customers with tantalising Instagram photos and shout about your menu on Twitter. Promote the ‘locally sourced’ aspect and if customers are shouting about your food online then share, share, share! If you go with a seasonal menu, put out teasers in the run up to the new menu launch, offering insights into what is to come. Check out local food apps, and maybe offer deals on these in the early days of your new breakfast menu to drum up business. On a Sunday brunch in a student area, a fry-up and Bloody Mary offer can go down a treat!

With £76 million pounds a day being spent on breakfast in the UK, Breakfast Week is the perfect time to get a slice of the action. Start developing your menu and increase your revenue now.

By Rosemary Berry


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