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Inspiring Top Picks - Over 750 New Lines

11:07 am

Autumn marks the end of summer and the beginning of the Christmas build up, an exciting time to stock up on the festive season necessities and prepare your business for the busy times ahead. We’ve launched over 750 products to make sure your food service business runs smoothly - all just a click away on our site.

Pick and choose from the new additions to cleaning chemicals, cooking machines, furniture and chefs’ clothing.

We are committed to supplying catering equipment that’s right for you. Take a look at our top picks for some inspiration;

Deep clean and a sparkling sheen
 Our new range of Jantex Pro, extra strength commercial cleaning chemicalsIt’s never too late to do a spring clean and blitz the toughest stains in your kitchen. It’s always nice to have a go-to cleaning sidekick you know will quickly break down grease and grime stains. Jantex Pro’s kitchen cleaner and sanitiser does just that in 30 seconds. With its extra strength formula designed to deep clean and leave a sparkling sheen, you can save time from revisiting high traffic areas in your kitchen time and time again. A little goes a long way with the highly concentrated formula so it will last longer and save you money from replacing stock – another reason to be the first to try our new Jantex Pro range.

Fill your kitchen with catering hard-nuts
 Additions to heavy duty professional catering machinesHave you been meaning to upgrade your gas oven? Or invest in a bain-marie? Hundreds of products have been added to complete and show full ranges of Falcon and Blue Seal. Check it out and have a look through the wide selection of heavy duty griddles to robust freestanding fryers. These catering hard-nuts are designed to be an integral addition to your commercial kitchen so you can cook up a culinary storm and be the envy of your competitors.

Furniture that won’t budge an inch
 Dining room, bar, canteen furniture If you’re fed up of people moving your canteen furniture and playing musical chairs in the food hall – you’ll love Bolero’s new range of canteen units. The two, four or six seated tables feature a powder coated mild steel frame which can be fixed to the floor so it won’t budge an inch. Each unit is supplied fully assembled for immediate use, so you won’t waste time working out what the assembly instructions actually say. Refit your venue now with our extended ranges of commercial furniture.

Kit out your staff with the best for less
 two way zipper chefs jacket Chef Works have designed a twist on the classic chefs’ jacket catapulting it into the 21st century – minus all the buttons. The two-way zipper remains practical by making fiddly buttons and poppers a thing of the past. If you work wearing an apron you’ll know the frustration of an apron strap itching and rubbing your neck. This jacket features a neck tab with the Chef Works logo to hold your apron securely in place.

We promise we’ve got you covered for every culinary demand – check out our 750 new lines now.


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