3 Top Tips To Improve Your Muddy Footfall This Festival Season

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Street Food

So your patch is secured, licenses approved and you’re ready to serve delicious food to your customers. But what can you do to ensure you seize every sales opportunity?

Whether you’re going to be cooking traditional food or trendy delights, Nisbets will have all the equipment you need, leaving you with more time to spend focusing on your menu.

1. Green packaging

Using compostable disposables (and advertising that you do) can win over the custom of the more ecologically minded. Vegware are currently market leaders in compostable packaging, but it’s not all about the environmental benefits. Take, for example, their hinged meal box; not only are they globally renowned producing zero waste, but the material is breathable, so any steam created can escape, keeping fried foods crispy. After all, once you've gone through the effort of sourcing the finest local ingredients and creating mouth-watering dishes, your packaging should nurture the food until it’s consumed.

2. Tough furniture

Take advantage of your plot. If you have any spare space around your stall or van that is included with your rent, then furniture and shelter can make a massive difference to your sales. A tough, well-constructed gazebo, like the commercial grade, aluminium gazebo from Bolero, is an essential for festivals, especially since many fields have very little foliage to take shade and UK festivals are synonymous with showers. At the end of the day, it can be folded away and will take up very little space. Folding tables and stacking chairs are also a great way of making the most of space. Bolero’s range is weather-resistant, rust-resistant and sturdy, so it can easily handle the rigours of British weather.

3. Cooking clean

Cooking appliances are getting more and more versatile, with some coal grills having the ability to grill, sear and smoke foods. The ceramic grill from Kamado Joe is one of the most efficient ways of cooking. The insulated body retains all the warmth and aids fast heat up times. Not only will this insulation allow just a few pieces of carbon neutral, lump wood charcoal to keep you cooking for hours, it will also ensure more moisture is retained in your grilled meat and roast vegetables.

Now you have the equipment, simply start cooking your culinary works of art, allow the aroma to diffuse into the crowd and watch the masses come to taste your fare.

By Matt England


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