How To Capture The Retro Market

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Hobstar Whiskey Tumbler

Retro drinks are here to stay, and what is a retro drink without a retro glass?

Recent years have seen retro drinks becoming more and more desirable. Speakeasy style drinks will suit any bar, from a local that serves whiskey to the highest calibre of cocktail establishment. The right glasses will lift any drink to the next level.

Take the humble gin and tonic, a beautiful drink in its own right. Every bartender has their own variation on ratios and garnishes; putting the lemon / lime debate to one side, a cucumber slice not only adds a tasty garnish to help complement the botanicals, but also looks stunning when placed inside the glass.

Whiskey GlassLikewise, a Bloody Mary has so much time devoted to variations; some bars even having entire menus dedicated this drink. Yet often the glassware is overlooked and the drink is resided to a hi-ball glass. Just changing the style of glass can add that finishing touch. A personal favourite is a mini milk bottle, especially if the drink has been shaken, giving a cheeky look and feel to the cocktail.

Retro Milk Bottle

Drinks don’t need to be alcoholic to look fabulous. Try a cloudy lemonade in a tall Hobstar glass and see it transformed. You can even take this a stage further and serve house made lemonade; with the best lemons available between March and July, there is no better time to start serving pitchers of fresh, home pressed lemonade.

Cut Glass

Finding a soft drink glass to suit a diner can be difficult. Most diners have stunning, extravagant Knickerbocker Glory glasses and large, retro sugar shakers, but often serve water and carbonated drinks in tumblers. Retro glasses designed to look like bottles with the top removed can complete the 50s look, and with matching water bottles, you can have the most stylish diner in town.

Retro Cola
Any drink can benefit from a retro glass, so why not try a couple of combinations yourself?

By Matt England


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