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When It Comes To The Crunch: National Chip Week 2015

10:45 am

Nisbets National Chip Week Blog David Evans Fryer

With over 247 million portions of fish and chips served every year in Britain alone, National Chip Week 2015 is here to celebrate the occasion.

The British spend over £1.2 billion a year on chips and it's no surprise that, despite the expansion of Oriental and Asian cuisine, the humble fish 'n' chips is still a firm favorite nationwide.  2015 is predicted to be an even bigger year for British food, so it's an exciting time to be in catering, whether you're a street vendor or work in a restaurant or hotel.

It's really easy to add chips to your menu, whether as a side order in a gastro pub or as part of mass catering in canteens.  There are three simple requirements: oil or fat, good quality potatoes and a fryer - this is where Nisbets comes in.  With a huge range of counter top or freestanding fryers to choose from, not only can you include chips on your menu, you will also have the option of selling fish or chicken, fried with a delicious, crispy coating whilst keeping the insides tender and juicy.

Buffalo Commercial Single Deep FryerIf space is an issue, the L370 Buffalo 3 ltr single fryer would be a fantastic option for a smaller business that requires small scale frying.  Despite the size, the machine is fully commercial and recovers temperature quickly - especially useful if demand is higher than expected.

L485 Buffalo Commercial Double Deep FryerPerhaps your business already has a small fryer and you're thinking about upgrading to something a little bigger.  If this is the case, the Buffalo L485 Buffalo double 5 ltr fryer is ideal as it helps adds efficiency and output.  As the machine has independent controls, you can regulate how much energy you are using, saving energy and money during quiet spells. Once again, this unit is fully commercial and comes with a two year warranty, so despite the day-to-day use that most commercial fryers withstand, if anything goes wrong you're covered.

Stainless Steel Commercial FryerFinally, you might be in the position of starting a new business and know that you're going to need a reliable, high output and efficient fryer. Alternatively, you may need to replace a main fryer which has been retired.  In these circumstances, a freestanding heavy duty unit may be the best option.  In January, we introduced the Thor GL166-N 25 ltr natural gas fryer to the Nisbets range and it's proving to be popular due to it's huge 25 ltr capacity and easy to use and clean design.

If you require further information, we have produced an  in-depth buying guide for fryers which may help you decide which one would best suit your business needs.  In the mean time, feel free to "chip in" with your comments below and don't forget to keep your eyes "peeled" for further special offers on the Nisbets website.

By David Evans


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