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Perfect Your Pies for British Pie Week 2015

5:31 pm

Pie week 2015

No one can deny the humble pie is a staple meal and we Brits love this traditional dish. Whether it’s meaty steak and ale, a light cod and cheese or even a sweet lemon meringue, pies will always have a place on menus across the UK. And with Pie Week coming up on the 2nd-8th March what better time to adapt, or even introduce some interesting and unique flavour combinations.

There are many things to consider when choosing a pie for your menu, the variations of pastries, fillings and styles are endless and that’s not even taking into consideration what to team your pie with. Sweet potato mash, triple cooked chips or a thick slaw will work well with many savoury flavours and for your sweet selections will it be a fruity infused double cream or homemade velvety custard?

Perhaps one of the most essential ingredients to any good pie is the pastry. Choose from puff, shortcrust, filo, flaky, choux... this list goes on. And these pastries can be flavoured with herbs, cheese, fruits or chocolate. Preparing the perfect pastry will make or break a pie and the right tools play a crucial part in this.

Top tools for perfect pastry preparation

Knives- Pastry knives will allow you to achieve a clean and precise cut that will leave tidy edges, enhancing presentation.

Pie Week 2015 Brushes- Achieving the perfect glossy golden finish is key, choose from a range of silicone or bristle brushes
to apply an even layer of glaze.

Rolling Pin- Our polyethylene rolling pins are incredibly hygienic and essential for ensuring your dough has a consistent thickness.

Lattice Roller- Create interesting tops to your pies with a lattice roller. This will not only create a quirky look, but also makes the dish less stodgy encouraging a dessert order.

This is where being creative can pay off, offering up classics for your less adventurous customers is a good idea, but generating audacious combinations will entice people to try. Additionally a twist on the old classics will always be a popular choice. Something like raspberry meringue pie or Mediterranean chicken and mushroom cooked Sous Vide in a water bath will make for interesting options.

Chip Week 2015Sides and Presentation
The pie dish itself is something to take into consideration. We have a wide range of dishes in different styles, colours and materials. Choose from individual dishes or large sizes to cut into slices.

Chips are a favourite accompaniment to savoury pies and presenting them in a funky way will improve presentation. Our stainless steel dimpled cups are ideal for a modern style restaurant and our fries baskets perfectly compliment a rustic pie served on a wooden board.

If you are a take away business or mobile caterer, keeping your pies at the right temperature and on display is crucial. Our large selection of pie warmers offers a choice of Lincat, Buffalo and Burco models that can capacitate 20-60 pies.

How ever your business celebrates Pie Week 2015, make sure it's a success with Nisbets Catering Supplies.

By Eva Parks


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