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6 Nations 6 Top Tips

5:15 pm

6 Nations

With over 125million people expected to be watching the 6 Nations - how prepared is your establishment for extra foot fall?


1. Advertising

A study carried out by Peroni found that 49% of customers are open to change when it comes to drink choice. Take advantage of this with personal hand written recommendations to persuade them towards fast serve, high profit beverages or dishes. Chalkboards are perfect for this, especially table top chalkboards or mini blackboard signs, perfect for adding value to nibbles.

2. Layout

Aluminium Ash TopWith your venue set out perfectly for day to day service, could you make a couple of tweaks to allow extra fans to see the action? RBS predicts the games will bring £150 million to bars and restaurants in London alone, so a couple of extra tables could go a long way. Our Bolero aluminium flip top base is perfect for providing table top space when it is needed and folding away discreetly when floor space takes priority.

 3. Durable Crockery

AthenaWhen serving food around a sports crowd it’s inevitable a few energetic bumps and nudges are going to occur. This is when Athena crockery is a sound choice, built to last, many items across the range are covered with our lifetime chip edge warranty, giving you piece of mind during service times.

Beer Stein
4. Tough Glassware

More glasses in hands means more money in the till. Durable glassware is an absolute must and can really make a difference. Unbreakable polycarbonate is invaluable for when customers get a little enthusiastic in lively pubs, or our sturdy dimpled stein offers strength and durability for when your craft beer deserves a statement glass.

                                                                   5. Platters

A sharing board is one of the best tools at our disposal. Coming in many materials and sizes, bigger is often better when it comes to groups of hungry sports fans. What better than our 40cm wide solid wood sharing board allowing you to serve an entire table in one go? Offering themed boards like “The 6 Nations Board”, with a speciality from each nation, can be a fun way of promoting a cost effective quick to prepare dish.

6. Chill
Soft drinks are often the most profitable item behind a bar. Getting the temperature right can be one of the easiest ways to move more stock. A well stocked fridge with good lighting and bottle labels facing the front helps customers make a decision before they reach the bar. Polar back bar fridges
are built specifically for this purpose. With auto closing doors and LED interior lighting, they can really help speed up serving times.

Do you have any top tips for maximising on big crowds?

By Matt England


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