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The Rise of Gluten Free Catering

12:07 pm

Vegetarian, low fat and nut free are all common options within many aspects of catering in order to meet varying dietary requirements. With the rapid increase of gluten intolerance, it seems it is fast becoming another generic option on many menus and food packets to accommodate the growing demand.

Coeliac UK estimates the gluten free dining out market is worth a potential £100 million to the catering industry, and with an approximated half a million people in the UK still undiagnosed this number will keep increasing.

Just a decade ago, gluten intolerance levels were recorded as only one in every 2,500 worldwide, now recent medical studies state that one in every 100 people in the UK suffer from it. And it’s not just the person themselves it effects, family and friends will make a decision on where to dine out based on the needs and requirements of those with the intolerance, meaning if you don’t have any gluten free options on your menu, you could be losing custom.

Many large chains and famous chefs have already recognised the gap in the market and have incorporated different options into their menus. Big name chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Raymond Blanc have taken advantage of the opportunity by dedicating a small section of their menus to gluten free. Other large chains such as Carluccio’s and Bella Italia have also started to break into the market. And its not just restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, takeaways and supermarkets are also catering for this new demand with  names such as Starbucks, Greggs, Domino's, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's among those offering an array of gluten free items. 

With the recent implementation of allergy labeling legislation, and the rapid rise of gluten intolerance diagnoses across the UK, now is the perfect time to invent new dishes and incorporate them into your menu.

Once you have decided on new meals, promoting with specials boards is a must. We stock a large selection of wall, table and pavement boards so you can notify customers and attract them to your restaurant. Our stencils and board markers will allow you to easily create a colourful and attractive display that can be effortlessly wiped off with spray cleaner and changed when needed.

If you are a cafe, bakery or takeaway business, new food labeling
legislation means it is now the law to fully outline and make available all of the allergens within food items. We not only stock gluten free labels to clearly notify customers which products are safe for them, but we also sell an allergen label that will help you to comply with the new legislation.

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By Eva Parks


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