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Hangover Remedies to Bring Your Customers Back

3:33 pm

Bring in customers this year with Nisbets

After a long night of dancing, drinking and saying goodbye to 2014, people all over the nation will be waking up seeking a cure for the ever-unwanted hangover. There are some weird and wonderful remedies from around the world, such as cows stomach soup and sticking pins in the cork of the bottle you drank from...but we prefer the more accessible and pleasurable solutions to help your customers start their new year with a smile.

Hangover Cure
Most of us have a cup of tea or coffee in the mornings before work to help prepare ourselves for the day ahead, so it’s no surprise that people adopt this morning ritual for a simple, relaxing and easy-to-make hangover cure. The Athena Latte Mugs are large porcelain mugs with a comfortable handle, ideal for serving big coffees and teas to help set wobbly heads straight. And for those who would rather sip on a refreshing water or juice, the Olympia Orleans glasses are here to help; with strong and glass washer safe construction, large capacity and attractive design, ideal for cafĂ©’s and bars.

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The culinary prowess behind the bacon sandwich isn’t exactly legendary, but nothing beats the smell of carbs and grease wafting from the kitchen when you’re feeling a little delicate; like a sirens song calling away your hangover to a meaty end. The simple bacon butty, bacon sarnie, bacon sanger or any other name you have for it, is perfect for breathing life into your customers day; seasoned with brown sauce, ketchup and just about any other sauce you want to put on it, this versatile miracle cure has to be the nations favourite. Our range of Buffalo products has everything you need to cook up the perfect hangover breakfast, from the simple toaster, helping you cater for those who can only stomach a light breakfast, to griddles and grills for the hangover veterans’ full English breakfast.

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Drinking water is the only real ‘cure’ to a hangover. Whilst drinking alcohol, your body stops producing a key hormone that controls the water levels in your body, meaning you can quickly become dehydrated and whilst this is great for food, it won’t preserve or enhance you! Rehydrating allows the body to recover faster, allowing you to shed that mind-splitting head ache and start enjoying your fresh new year with the right frame of mind. Help your customers recover to their fullest with our range of jugs for that perfect fresh, morning drink.

By Oscar Black


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