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End The Year By Smashing Profit Targets

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Martini cocktail

As this year comes to an end and a new one begins, the festive season is in full swing making it prime time for maximising profits and exceeding targets. Customers will be flying through the doors for office parties and family meals, creating great opportunity to push specials and boost revenue. And what better way to bring in extra takings than to create a few festive themed cocktails.

The Basics
Waring ice crusher Of course being quirky and unique is great but you need to start with the basics. An ice crusher is an absolute must and will provide you access to an essential ingredient that goes into the majority of cocktails. Our range of high quality, durable ice crushers are perfect for many commercial catering businesses from clubs and bars to restaurants and pubs and are brought to you by renowned and respected brands such as Waring, Santos and Ital. These machines will permit you to have immediate access to crushed ice when mixing cocktails, allowing you to speed up making and serving times.

Glass Rimmer
Glass rimmers are also vital, this piece of equipment will enable you to apply a thin strip of juice around the lip of a glass ready for you to dip in salt or sugar. Not only will this add an interesting twist to the taste of the cocktail, it also makes the glass look instantly more attractive. This technique works well with martini and margarita glasses so why not add a festive twist and try out a mince pie martini.

Copper Cocktail Shaker
Perhaps the most essential part to any cocktail is for it to be thoroughly blended, a shaker is the quickest and best way to mix ingredients. We have a great selection of premium quality shakers and our sleek copper model will ensure you are bang on trend.                    

                                                                        Unique Presentation
Artois Goblet Glass
Presentation is key in surpassing your competition, finding unique ways of serving drinks can be a great way to make them look more appealing thus generating more sales. Try serving the classic festive snowball in a milk bottle glass, or a Christmas rum punch in these attractive goblets from Artois. For warm beverages such as hot cider you will need a glass with a handle, Irish coffee glasses are perfect for this and look great with a stick of cinnamon to adorn.

Garnishing Set

Decoration and Garnishing
A cocktail wouldn't be complete without some kind of garnishing and this is often what makes them look so impressive and inviting. There are hundreds of ways to produce interesting shapes and patterns to hang and drape around glasses and we have the all tools you will need. Our Vogue garnishing sets include absolutely everything you will require to make a wide range of decorative effects allowing you to add striking finishing touches.

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By Eva Parks


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