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We Are Going Bananas For Our New Safety Sign

9:30 am

Floor safety signs are typically double sided, bright yellow and display commonly used warning messages such as ‘CAUTION! Cleaning In Progress’ in just the one language.

But this time, there is an exception.

Standing out from the bunch is the internationally patented Banana Cone™ which has recently been voted as The Most Innovative Cleaning Product of 2013 and became the winner of the Distributor Choice Award 2014.

Anyone who has watched cartoons or played video games will know how treacherous banana skins can be - making this a humorous, but practical alternative to the ordinary safety signs in all catering establishments. Featuring a bright yellow design, the Banana Cone™ wet floor safety sign is hard to miss, making it ideal for the job of keeping you, your customers and your staff safe, whilst putting a smirk on some faces!

The extremely durable Banana Cone™ is constructed from a thick glossy polypropylene, making it durable and hard-wearing, withstanding any environment from busy kitchens to public spaces. Thanks to the detachable base and stem design, this unique safety sign can be stacked to save space when not in use.

Multilingual warning messages are black and red silk screen printed and are displayed on all four sides of the cone.

With a warning message inherent to the shape of the cone – ‘CAUTION! Wet Floor’ – this safety sign is difficult to miss and it may even get your customers stopping in their tracks to look and marvel.

By Penny Ford


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