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Pumpkin On The Menu? Minimum Cost For Maximum Profit

11:10 am

Typically pumpkins are used for ghoulish faced lanterns around Halloween time, but there is a lot more to this fantastic fruit than meets the eye. Pumpkin is actually incredibly nutritious and very rich in calcium and fibre with endless lists of health benefits.

Not only does it add great flavour, but it also produces an attractive, vibrant orange colouring that fits perfectly with this autumnal time of year. The best part is, nothing will go to waste. Every last bit of a pumpkin can be used to make an extensive array of dishes meaning this low cost ingredient can be transformed into substantial ROI.

Here are our top methods for cooking with pumpkin from skin to seeds...

A great way to bring in some added revenue around the fall season is to feature a themed drink. Cocktails work well with all kinds of fruit and vegetables, so infuse a popular old classic with pumpkin using a shaker, give it a Halloween themed name and watch your profits rise. Our range of garnishing tools is also great for adding creative decoration giving your presentation an edge.

Food Dehydrator
Our range of dehydrators has taken the industry by storm. They can be used with all kinds of ingredients and pumpkin is no exception. After roasting, peel away the skin and cut into strips, add some paprika and salt and put into the dehydrator. When finished they will turn into crisps providing you with a unique bar snack or crispy garnishing for salads and soups.

As the temperature starts to decline, customers will begin to favour the traditional winter warmers on your menu. Soup is quick and simple to make in a blender and can be a great way to reduce wastage and use up any excess ingredients. Pop it on a specials board, not only will this allow you to be versatile with the flavour (dependant on what ingredients you have left) but it will also help to promote the dish.

Pumpkin works well in both savoury and sweet dishes. The quickest and easiest way to add this to a sweet dish is by grating it. Why not add some raw shavings into a cake mix and sprinkle atop the icing once baked for attractive decoration.

The eye catching round shell makes a great bowl for soups. Not only will this save time cleaning up, it also creates interesting food presentation. Simply place in a roasting dish in the oven and pour in your prepared pumpkin soup once cooked.

Pumpkin Toast
Pumpkin seeds are arguably the best part of the fruit, there is so much you can add them to; knead into bread for extra crunch, add to a salad for an edgy alternative to croutons or simply toast them in a frying pan with a dash of fresh lime juice and a sprinkling of salt for another distinctive bar snack.

Of course pumpkins still make a great form of decoration around this time of year so try your hand at carving a spooky face with our carving tools and place on the bar. Alternatively miniature pumpkins are incredibly cheap and will set the perfect ambiance as tea light holders on your restaurant tables. Remember to stay safe, candles can be a hazard when used inside a pumpkin, our rechargeable tea light set is perfect for creating a realistic glow without the fire risk and they can be used time and time again without the added expenditure for batteries.

By Eva Parks


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