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New Legislation Affects Schools Across England

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Under the Children and Families Act 2014, a legal duty has been placed on all state-funded schools in England, (including academies and free schools) to offer a free hot school lunch to all pupils in reception, year 1 and year 2. These new rules will come into force from the start of term in September 2014 and with the new academic year just around the corner, it is imperative that your school kitchen is ready and stocked with all the correct equipment to facilitate this big change.

The new legislation has been decided by the coalition government and states “Pupils will routinely be offered a hot meal option. Where schools are not in a position to offer hot options from September 2014, they should be working towards doing so as soon as possible” meaning that for many schools the food making kitchen facilities will no longer be sufficient and the volume of pupils being catered for will increase considerably. This has resulted in many head teachers being left in a position where they will need to replace and expand their range of catering equipment.

It is crucial that you pick the right equipment for your needs and here at Nisbets we stock an extensive range of high quality catering tools. With the number of pupils to supply for rising significantly, larger oven space is going to be essential. Our Rational Combimaster Oven combines adjustable heat and unpressurised fresh steam to provide a versatile cooking option that covers a vast range of foods and dishes, providing you with the space to cook large, consistent batches. It is perfect for cooking anything from big portions of meat to bread and pastries.

For hob cooking, our boiling pots from Vogue will be a vital item. Constructed from stainless steel, they are immensely durable and suitable for constant use. The 22.7ltr capacity will allow you to cook large amounts of potatoes and other vegetables in one batch.

It’s not just cooking equipment to be taken into consideration, due to the volume increase you will also see a rise in demand for serving tools. Our serving utensils range will allow your kitchen to run smoothly and is designed to help you operate quickly and efficiently. The collection covers everything from quality ladles, to these practical spoodles offering portion control and colour coded handles to help avoid cross contamination.

Food compartment trays are also ideal for schools as you can serve all components on a single tray. This not only makes it easy for small customers to manage transportation by themselves, it also means less cleaning up when lunch is finished.

We stock over 20,000 products so be sure to visit the Nisbets catering equipment home page to ensure you have everything you need to meet the standards of this new legislation.

By Eva Parks


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