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Which Panini and Contact Grill is Right for you?

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Buffalo Single Flat Plate GrillA fundamental feature of any successful catering establishment is its selection of grilled foods such as paninis or toasties. In order to provide these, it’s necessary to have access to a grill, but there are many different types of grill, each suiting different businesses. “What grill should we use?” is a question a lot of businesses have to ask, but Nisbets have the answer. Celebrate the summer with Buffalo’s new range of grills, available exclusively from Nisbets. Whatever business you run, your customers are sure to enjoy the perfect grilling that Buffalo’s range provides. 

With the Buffalo Single Flat Plate Grill you are given great value for money and great results.     

This grill combines stainless steel construction and flat cast iron plates, culminating in a piece of machinery which can be used into the long term. The single flat grill boasts a cooking area of 210 x 226mm, leading to a spacious cooking environment. The heat knob is versatile and gives you great control over what you’re grilling, meaning that you can cook to perfection. This grill is simple yet incredibly effective, and will undoubtedly go down well with you and your customers. It is perhaps suited better to smaller business which is needs to provide grilled food quickly for customers. The product comes supplied with a griddle scraper as well as a removable grease tray, ensuring that your cleaning issues are taken care of without stress. With all this available for just £149.99 ex. VAT, the Bistro Single Flat Plate Grill could well be the piece of equipment for you this summer.

Another option in the new Buffalo range is the Bistro Single Ribbed Grill

Bistro Single Ribbed GrillThis is similar to the single flat plate grill, but is larger, leading to a more efficient grilling experience. It also contains ribbed plates, and can heat up very quickly, making it an excellent choice for busy hotels and restaurants. The ribbed grill boasts the same impressive features as the single flat plate, but its larger size means that it can hold more food. The product was designed with you in mind, and the robust iron plates and scratch resistant design means it can be used for a long time and still be just as effective. Both of these grills provide great cooking experiences, but the ribbed grill is excellent to use when you need slightly more space to cook on and when you wish to use ribbed plates. The addition of a timer means that you don’t have to constantly watch over the grill, which undoubtedly improves the cooking experience. This impressive grill could be yours for only £199.99 ex.VAT, and will be sure to provide your customers with a memorable experience.

Last, but by no means least is the Buffalo Jumbo Contact Grill

Buffalo Jumbo Contract Grill

This product provides a number of impressive features and produces grilling which is certain to fill up your customers’ senses.  It is constructed using heavy duty stainless steel which is certain to remain viable well into the long term. The grill is constructed with one ribbed and one flat cast iron plate, which provides a healthy grilling experience like no other. It can be used for a variety of foods, including paninis and sandwiches, which are a staple for up and coming, trendy establishments.  This grill is most certainly not limited to any particular food, it can be used on a wide variety, and is even capable of dealing with difficult foods such as eggs. 

Similar to the other grills, the adjustable swivel head can be used to withstand a variety of food thicknesses, and you can rely on this product to provide a reliable grilling experience. It is equipped with a programmable digital timer which sounds an audible alarm when the grilling is complete, which ensures that no time is unnecessarily lost in a bustling and time orientated environment. As you would expect, this comes equipped with a removable grease tray to help with cleaning, and can comfortably deal with temperatures between 100°C to 300°C. This premium product is available for an impressive £349.99 ex.VAT, meaning that your business can step up a level at a very affordable price. 

It should also be noted that all three of these products come with a 2 year warranty as standard. This presents a brilliant opportunity for your business to get itself a superb piece of equipment with a two year safety net advantage.  Visit http://www.nisbets.co.uk/ for more information.

By Owen Harding-Best


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