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Seize the Summer With Our New Gazebo

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This July has seen temperatures soar, and if the forecast is to be believed, the mercury in our thermometers isn't set to fall any time soon, which is great news for events co-ordinators and outdoor caterers alike. The coming weeks will see weddings, fetes, school proms, street parties, country shows, anniversary celebrations and catered birthday parties, and with the weather set to stay fair, there is one thing that will help you and your customers make the most of the summer.

Gazebos. Not only do gazebos provide shelter - either from the searing heat or a potential torrential downpour - they also provide a focal point for any outdoor catered event, and give catering staff  a hygienic and functional space in which to operate.

Catering gazebo

Added to which, while many gazebos are too flimsy to be of any real use, that is certainly not the case with our Bolero Commercial Grade Aluminium Gazebo 3x 3m. While it is light enough to make transportation and construction a very easy job, it is also robust enough to be of real use. Simply extend the legs of the sturdy aluminium frame, attach the canopy, and - if necessary - tether the feet to the floor with the pegs provided. Unlike other gazebos, construction of this one should only take a few minutes - a real bonus for time sensitive events.

Catering Gazebo

The canopy, meanwhile, is also very well equipped to deal with the elements. PVC Coated, UV Stabilised, and waterproof, it will deal with anything Mother Nature can throw at it. It also has robust, double-stitched seams and velcro fixings, meaning that once you've put it on, it stays on.

Catering Gazebo

The gazebo also comes with a set of guy ropes and pegs, as well as a sidewall which is easily attached. As an added benefit, it also comes with a useful carry bag which is on wheels, making transportation as easy as possible. All of these supplementary items are also available on their own.

Catering Gazebo

Also available is a set of four water bases, which, when filled, will anchor the gazebo safely to the floor - excellent protection against wind (as well as theft).

Whether you run a market stall or an outdoor catering company or a market stall, or whether you're looking for a gazebo to use around your own home, the Bolero Commercial Grade aluminium Gazebo 3x 3m caters for all occasions.

By Henry Franklin


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