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Royal Porcelain adds to regality of Thornbury Castle!

3:00 pm

As the only Tudor Castle Hotel in England, Thornbury Castle is uniquely placed to offer guests a culturally rich experience.  Steeped in over 500 years of history, Thornbury is without doubt the jewel in the crown of the Luxury Family Hotel Group and as you venture beyond the heavy oak doors you'll find yourself walking in the same rooms and grounds as Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn did all those years ago.

Although the venue oozes history, this is perfectly contrasted by a modern yet traditional internationally inspired menu that uses the finest and freshest ingredients, many of which are sourced from the castle’s own gardens, local markets and nearby suppliers, to provide a culinary experience that the Guardian once  described as ‘being fit for a king’.

Whether you are enjoying Sunday Lunch, Afternoon Tea or indulging in the A La Carte menu, Head Chef, Mark Veale believes that the location provides the perfect back drop to the food:

“I very much believe that the food should match the location, which is why we have devised a menu that gives a modern twist on the traditional with dishes such as Poached and Roasted Rump of Veal and Hens Egg and Truffle Poached Ravioli.  It is about the surroundings driving the cuisine."

And, if it is the surroundings that drive the food, then it is very much the crockery that ensures it is presented in the best light.  Mark has been using items from the Royal Porcelain from Nisbets for the past two years, and believes that it is vital to use product that reflects the quality of the food on the plate:

“Tableware is now an integral part of the dish.  So much so that when I am devising new dishes, I am not just thinking how it will look on completion, but also how it will look on different materials, shapes and colours.  I honestly believe that customers have come to expect a variety of shapes and styles and there is almost disappointment if the order arrives on a circular plate.”

Unsurprisingly, Mark believes that if you get the tableware wrong it can be detrimental to the whole experience:

It is important that the quality of the tableware matches the quality of the dish.  I use Royal Porcelain’s Royal bone Chinarange because it is thinner than other crockery making it considerably lighter, however, being bone china it’s fantastically strong and it does not chip or break easily which means that I am not forever replacing odd items.  As it contains 45% bone ash it is in fact Fine Bone China making it a higher quality than many other options on the market.

The fact that Royal Porcelain is available through Nisbets, is another positive for Mark:

“What I like with Royal Porcelain is that you do not see it everywhere, so it offers a point of difference. I have basically grown up with Nisbets – in fact I bought my first chef’s jacket from them many years ago!  Nisbets are the supplier that I tend to go to 99% of the time because I know that there is a good chance that they will have what I need, at a good price and being able to receive an order the day after I place it is key.”

Other Nisbets products to found in Thornbury Castle include the CliftonSous Vide machine, Dynamic Stick Blenders, Buffalo Induction Hobs and the Imperial Pasta Maker, as well as Mark’s very own Embroided Chef Works jacket.


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