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Keeping it cool with the Meringue Girls

1:00 pm

Whilst working in the same Hackney restaurant just a few years ago, friends Alex Hoffler and Stacey Gorman bonded over their love of all things sweet.

Having both had formal kitchen training (Stacey in her native New Zealand and Alex at Leiths School of Food and Wine), an opportunity to take part in TV’s ‘Cooks to Market’ – hosted by chef Gizzi Erskine was just too good to miss for the ambitious pair. All they needed was the right product. And of course – it had to be sweet.

‘’Cupcakes, macaroons and cake pops had all been done before’’ said Stacey. ‘But we felt there was a real opportunity for us to do something fun and creative with meringues.’’ And thus, the ‘Meringue Girls’ concept was born.

The girls first began creating their signature meringue ‘kisses’ in Alex’s kitchen, before renting shared commercial space to help them cope with the increasing number of orders.

With innovative flavour combinations such as Gin and Tonic and Pistachio and Rosewater it’s no surprise that demand continued to grow. Following the success of their first book ‘’The Meringue Girls Cook Book’’ and a number of high profile TV appearances, April 2014 saw the opening of their very own bakery in Hackney’s Broadway Market Mews.   

It’s from here that they now employ a number of part time staff to help them fulfil weekly retail orders for the likes of Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols. As well as a weekly stall at Broadway Market, the girls also offer a bespoke catering service – supplying meringues for everything from weddings and press events to individual orders – and that’s before they tackle the long waiting list for their much anticipated ‘master-classes’!

The speed at which the Meringue Girls concept has taken off has meant the use of the very best equipment has been crucial – with the bakery’s Polar Fridge and Freezer units playing an important role in keeping ingredients fresh and ready to use.

 ‘’As our business has grown, so has our need for reliable refrigeration’’ explains Stacey. ‘’We produce thousands of meringues every day - so there are an awful lot of eggs to store!’’
‘’What’s great about the Polar fridge is that the large 600Ltr capacity means there is plenty of room - just what we need as we continue to expand. And it also keeps the contents at a consistent temperature – despite being frequently opened and closed when things get busy.’’
And with a new book launch set for release in 2015 the large Polar units are sure to prove invaluable as the girls experiment with various recipes. 

 ‘’As well as meringues, our next book will also feature lots of new and exciting baking ideas’’ explains Stacey ‘’This means we’ll have a much wider range of ingredients to chill/freeze - so it’s good to know that we can rely on our existing Polar models.’’

And it’s not just the Polar Fridge and Freezer that can be found in the bakery – the Meringue Girls also use a host of other Nisbets products including two Buffalo Planetary Mixers, Weighstation scales and numerous Vogue utensils


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