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Are you ready for wedding season?

12:50 pm

Summer is the most popular season to ‘tie the knot’ and competition can be fierce. The happy couple will want only the best for their big day so is your venue up to standard and surpassing the opposition? 

At Nisbets we believe in high quality products at the best value prices so you can maximise your profits. Check out our cost effective ways to emanate quality without blowing your budget.

As the temperature heats up, outdoor receptions will become increasingly popular. Our range of folding tables is ideal for catering to large numbers. The temporary furniture is perfect for filling marquees or large gazebos and can be easily packed up and stored away when not in use. As well as being practical, when dressed with the right items such as table linens and skirtingsthey will emit elegance and style. 

Napkins can also be a great feature piece on tables. They can be shaped in a variety of ways to create decorative themes. Our plain white polycotton napkins are ideal as the versatile material ensures the folds stay in place. 

Champagne will be at the top of the menu so you will see an increase in the demand of champagne flutes. We stock a huge range of various shaped glasses from renowned brands such as Olympia, Arcoroc and Chef & Sommelier to suit all budgets.

Perhaps one of the most important elements of the day is the cake. Whether it’s a traditional 3 tiered number or modern twist with a collection of cupcakes, we have the cake stand to make sure the presentation doesn't let you down. As for the rest of the buffet, delicate details such as embossed foil trays and attractive doilies make all the difference and ensure you are a cut above the rest. Not only do these buffet extras create attractive presentation, they are disposable so guarantee a quick clean up. 

Presentation of your staff is just as important as every other element but can sometimes get overlooked. Not only do we stock a great collection of uniforms in various styles to keep in line with the theme of your business, we also have waiter cloths to add the formality expected at big events.

Now everything is sorted at the front of house, browse through our extensive range of cookware to ensure you keep everything at the back of house running just as smoothly. 

By Eva Parks  


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