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Top 5 tips on Caring for your Knives

11:39 am

Knife rack

Knives are perhaps one of the most essential tools in any kitchen and most chefs will invest a large amount of money in buying the finest products to suit their needs. High quality knives undoubtedly end up paying for themselves, but the aftercare of your knives is down to you. You need to ensure they are looked after correctly in order to guarantee their longevity and maximise their cutting potential. Here are our top five ways to look after your knives...

Chopping boards

Using the right chopping board is crucial. Stone, glass, ceramic or marble will damage your knife from the very first cut. Instead you should use a wooden or plastic board to ensure a lower dulling effect on the cutting edge. The Hygiplas standard low density chopping board set is great for aiding the care of your knives and provides a yielding surface for your knife to come into contact with. The six boards are colour coded for ease of identification and designed to eliminate cross contamination.


Make sure you also store your knives with care, as this will not only help to keep them sharp, but will also keep your kitchen neat and in order. We sell an extensive range of storage options including, magnetic knife racks, canvas wallets and blade guards.


Always wash your knives immediately after use as some acidic food can cause staining. Jantex washing up liquid will rid your knives of any grease and help to keep them in tip-top condition.  After washing don’t leave them to dry naturally. Prolonged exposure to water can lead to pitting problems which in time can cause corrosion. Vogue offer a wide collection of low-cost tea towels to mop up any unwanted moisture.


After prolonged use, a knife’s cutting edge has a tendency to shape to one side of the blade which decreases the ease of slicing. Honing your knives regularly with steel will help to avoid this and realign the blade. Sharpening will need to be done twice a year. If you would like to do it yourself, sharpening tools are available. Alternatively you can get it done by a professional. Here at Nisbets we offer a large range of sharpeners, whet stones and steels from premium brands such as Buffalo, Hygiplas, Vogue and Dick.


Things can easily go missing or get mixed up in a bustling kitchen and when you have invested time and money into caring for your knives the last thing you want to do is lose them. We offer an engraving service where you can have up to 3 initials etched onto your favourite tools to avoid any confusion or losses.

Let us know if you have any more top advice on how to care for your knives.

By Eva Parks


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