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Pasta Perfection at Food Lab London

1:55 pm

Situated on the Essex Road in Islington, Italian café, deli and restaurant Food Lab has become one of London’s most popular foodie hotspots, serving high-quality home-style Italian food in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

Founder and owner Liliana Tamberi discovered a passion for food at an early age, having grown up in a peaceful Tuscan province in Italy where she lived with her Grandmother. It is her that she credits with instilling in her the value of good quality home-cooked food.

After a successful singing career, Liliana decided to pursue her love of cooking, moving to London in the late 90’s to train as a chef. Having spent time as Head Chef at top restaurants such as Matilda in Battersea, White Horse in Parsons Green and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen in Shoreditch, she finally realised her ambition of setting up her own restaurant, opening Food Lab in 2007.
‘’I dreamt of a venue that was a café, deli and restaurant’’ says Liliana.  ‘’A place where people could feel comfortable whatever they wanted; whether that be a simple coffee, sandwich, pasta or a perfectly cooked steak.’’
Open from 7am-11pm six days a week and 10am-6pm on Sundays, Food Lab offers everything from breakfast, brunch and lunch right through to evening meals, with the 14-strong team working tirelessly to produce authentic and delicious Italian food throughout the day. Menu favourites include an Italian-style full English breakfast, a selection of  Italian lunchtime savouries, and pasta dishes such as Casarecce al pomododo e pecorino di fossa (or Pasta with tomato and Pecorino cheese) and Lasagna.

’Simple and delicious food is at the heart of everything we do’’ says Liliana ‘’We make as much as 90% of everything that we serve to our customers on site from scratch, with our home-made pasta a Food Lab staple.’’

‘’With only a small kitchen, it’s important that the equipment we use works hard for our menu’’ she continues, ‘’and the Buffalo Pasta Cooker does just that. We simply plug it in and go, cooking our pre-blanched pasta in a matter of minutes. The individual baskets provide an easy way to keep portion sizes consistent, and I’m always confident that the machine will cook the pasta perfectly every time.’’

The countertop machine, which is easily portable, has become invaluable to Food Lab, who’ve found that the whole kitchen runs far more effectively since having it in place.

‘’With pasta a key staple on our menu we can cook anywhere in the region of 290 to 400 portions a day.’’ explains Liliana. ‘With the Buffalo taking care of the pasta, it means our range cooker is freed up for other dishes - essential during busy periods.  It certainly makes life a lot easier!’’

The Food Lab are no strangers to Nisbets and also use a host of other products including a Buffalo Panini Grill, Buffalo Sausage Stuffer, Buffalo Meat Slicer and a selection of crockery and presentation trays from Olympia.


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