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Guest Blog - Sous Vide, the Science in Cooking

10:46 am

I recently got the chance to spend the week at Hotelympia 2014 demonstrating a couple of very exciting pieces of kit from our Buffalo range. One of these included the brilliant Buffalo Sous Vide clip on.

Sous vide’ literally translates from French as ‘under vacuum’. It was developed in France in the early 1970s when George Pralus and a food scientist joined forces to devise the perfect piece of cooking equipment for producing foie gras. After a number of experiments, the best method proved to be sealing the food in a pouch under vacuum before cooking it very slowly at a controlled temperature.

sous vide

Today, Sous Vide machines are regularly used in top restaurants, whilst the cooking method itself is also finding favour with domestic food enthusiasts, many of whom have watched demonstrations on shows such as Saturday morning Kitchen.

The new Buffalo Sous Vide Clip-On is a fantastic little piece of kit. As a stirred bath, it gently pushes water around a gastronorm (purchased separately) ensuring you gain an even temperature accurate to ½ a degree.  It’s compact and portable, making it perfect for a travelling Chef or anyone that has restricted storage space. Its general body is constructed from stainless steel and the head features a clear LCD display, a low water level detection alarm, a precise temperature control and a 0-99hr timer.  

spatulaSo in order to showcase our brilliant Sous Vide, we cooked delicious chicken breast. The skinned boneless chicken was cooked at 63°C for 1 hour in a vac bag with a knob of butter, a little garlic and thyme placed in the bag.

We then finished it off on a Vogue black iron pan (GD064) on one of our Buffalo induction hobs (CE208). The results? Unbelievably moist and succulent chicken that tastes fantastic!

The most common questions asked on the stand were about time and temperatures, so with the help from Justin Brown (an award winning chef) http://www.justinbrownchef.com/, we have put together this list of some tried and tested temperature and times.

Food Item
Temperature in ˚C
White Asparagus
20 mins
1 hr
Lobster Tail
15 mins
Fillet of Beef (8oz)
40 mins
Poached hens egg
40 mins
Poached ducks egg
1.5 hrs
Pork Belly
12 hours
100g portion of Salmon
15 minutes
Chicken Breast
1 hour

Richard Ebbs CFSP
Head of Product Training 


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