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What is Induction Cooking? New Informational Video

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spaghetti in panIt might seem at first that the Induction hob is of the same breed as the standard electric hotplate – they look similar, they appear to do the same job, they even seem to run off the same power source. They are however two completely separate cooking entities, with the induction hob proving to have a range of benefits (see video below) not associated with the electric hotplate.

red onions in metal bowlThe Induction hob works through the use of a time-varying magnetic field. Just beneath the cooking surface, a large alternating current flows through a coil of wire which generates the changing magnetic field. When an electrically conductive pan is brought close to the cooking surface, the magnetic field allows the transfer of the electrical current to the pan. However, because the pan is not the ideal conductor, the current encounters electrical resistance which turns into heat. As a result, the pan heats up which in turn means that the food or liquid within the pan itself also heats.

Induction HobIt is this innovative heating technique which allows the Induction hob or cooker to offer a variety of benefits unparalleled by conventional flame or electric cookers. So, because the cooking surface is specifically designed to be an exceptional thermal insulator, minimum heat is lost and wasted making the induction hob highly efficient. This means that the rest of the cooking surface should be safe to touch whilst your pan boils. It also provides rapid and consistent heating with the precise control of that of a gas hob. Furthermore, in situations where the use of an electric hotplate would be seen as dangerous or even illegal, the induction hob would be perfectly safe to use.

Because it is only the pan’s presence which allows the generation of heat it means that food which is spilled onto the surface during cooking does not burn. It also means that the unit can detect whether the cookware’s contents have boiled dry by monitoring how much power is being absorbed. This function means the hob will automatically shut off, further improving safety and freedom in the commercial kitchen. 

Induction Hob
So if you are looking for a new, energy efficient and highly reliable addition to your professional kitchen, perhaps its time to invest in a model from our large range of Induction Hobs and Ovens. Best-sellers include our very own brand Buffalo Induction Hob 3000W, noted to be exceptionally easy to clean and use, and ideal for portable use. Another hob highly recommended when looking for great quality is our Falcon i-Cook Plus Induction Hob. Highly stylish, and again perfect for portable use, this Falcon Induction hob is ideal for both the commercial kitchen and catering events. Last but not least, the Lincat Opus 700 Induction Hob OE7014 is ideal for kitchens requiring cooking equipment with the ability to keep up with a high demand. Thanks to its large surface area and four pan designated spots, it is clearly up to the job. 

By Tamara Cmiljic


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