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Prepare For Pests

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Spring is here and we welcome the warm weather. Spending more time outside in the garden and leaving windows and doors open can make summertime cooking a breeze.
But with this comes the unwelcomed pests.

Whether you are enjoying the summertime air or you’re preparing delicious summertime meals in the kitchen, Nisbets can take control of your unwanted visitors.

chain door fly screen
Chain Door Fly Screen
If you are looking for an effective barrier against flying insects, then the chain door fly screen is for you. Comfortable to walk through with an encouraging air flow, this fly screen is ideal for keeping the flying critters out.
And don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers have said:

“The fly screen door was easy to put up and was just what I was looking for with the big bonus of the chain not catching on hair or clothing (or dog's fur for that matter - fairly important as I work from home!)”

“I now have two fly screens at independent doors and am free of flies!!”

“The product arrived speedily, very pleased with the quality. It has been fitted with no difficulty and looks okay. Several people have commented on fly screen and were surprised how good it looked in a domestic environment.”

Easyzap glue trap
Easyzap Stainless Steel Glue Trap

Another great way of controlling any flying insects is the Easyzap Stainless Steel Glue Trap. If you are after an easy maintenance trap, then this is a brilliant device which catches unwanted pests and flies on glue paper. Depending on your requirements, the glue trap can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted which offers a solution to keeping work surfaces clean and tidy too.

Easyzap energy saving fly killer
Easyzap Energy Saving Fly Killer 26W

For an energy saving alternative we have the Easy Zap Fly Killer 26W which is just perfect for commercial kitchens. This high quality fly killer is suitable for use either as a free standing or wall mounted item, which offers you flexibility in the kitchen to position yourselves ready for the flies.

We have a range of practical and highly effective pest control solutions which can help to keep your kitchen in a good working order. To view the complete collection, and for more information, check out the website.

By Penny Ford


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